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I have found irish history fascinating for years, I too cannot escape the obvious that the whole conflict was manipulated. What is left of the truth is still been manipulated. There is that many parallels with the present war on terror it is scary.

No-one in O'Brians family knew he was in the IRA, despite it been widely known that they recruit from families. He was carrying military grade explosive semtex, which is very stable and not prone to accidental detonation. The witness dies of "asthma" several months later.

Dublin '74 a 14 company operative was clocked coming through dun loghaire the day before the dublin bombings. This fact has been disapeared off the web. Ammonium nitrate is not an "unusually sophisticated explosive" and it doesn't smoke for days afterwards. There is some serous oddities about the birmingham pub bombing as well. both bombs served the same agenda to break a peace process. This is the tip of a ruddy enormous iceberg.

The colin wallace book bares repeated reference to "ultras" that don't want peace. The hidden agenda isn't very well hidden, it is also pretty clear that murder isn't beyond those pushing that agenda.

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