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Default The Occult History of Ireland

Indeed, studying the history of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) is both interesting and revealing. It is a study that has, in the end, less to do with politics and more to do with secret orders and hidden agendas. The persistent student eventually becomes aware that, from the earliest times, some of the most notorious and conspicuous founders and leaders of the major Irish rebel bodies were in fact counter-revolutionaries. They were agents of the British establishment.

The British or, more correctly, Crown controlled brotherhood that secretly controls world affairs had the power not only to send trained agents to infiltrate legitimate Irish patriot groups, but to create groups which appeared legitimate but were anything but. The same sinister elite brotherhood had the power to set one faction against another, one leader against another, and one brand of ideology against another.

In the Republic of Ireland, the wealthy and powerful Masonic elites concealed themselves behind societies known to Irish historians as the Clan na Gael, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and the Ribbon Order.

Bearing this in mind, when we see Gerry Adams (or other Sinn Fein leaders) wearing the little green ribbon that looks like the AIDS ribbon, we'll remember what is being told to us on a subtextual level. Do your homework and you'll find out that this green ribbon stands for the Ribbon Society, which was a division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians that can itself be traced to the same powerful Masonic cabals that operated throughout the world and conspired to bring about the French Revolution.
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