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Originally Posted by earthwalkr View Post

Without our Oceans on this planet, Earth and all life on Her will die. Fact. On 3-23-2013, a news report came out about radiation levels in the Pacific Ocean. News I have not heard of before. We hear about Cesium-137 and radioactive Iodine, but this is different.

This is Strontium-90. This Fukushima waste water has been continually flushed into the Pacific Ocean since 3-11-2011.

The Pacific Ocean NOW HAS 173,000 times the EPA level of 0.3Bq/L. Or, 207,989 Bequerels of Strontium-90 PER GALLON, evenly distributed throughout the Pacific.

Strontium-90 is a Calcium analogue; causing bone cancer, leukemia and death. Do you think that's why we are seeing large masses of Ocean animals beached?

The Pacific Ocean is dying,dying, DEAD. The west coast of the US is heavily contaminated with radiation. We are being told that produce and dairy are highly contaminated. Grapes /wine is also radiated. The Ocean drops rain water on the soil and it is contaminated. California supplies alot of the US with produce and fruit. There IS NO organic with radiation.

Also, the Gulf waters from Texas to Florida are also dead. For decades the Petrol-Chemical plants in Texas and Louisiana have dumped their waste /tanks directly into the Gulf! Including tanks of Benzene (a carcinogenic). Then, we had the BP Oil Spill which is still leaking! But the EPA says it's okay to eat the shellfish/fish from the Gulf!! Right!

What to do? SOMETHING! Get mad, act, say something public! But better than that. Connect to Source and help clean this up. I was told it's possible if that is our intent.

Kick out the governments and let's do this the right way. Our way. A new system based on cooperation and love.

Your not joking are you? Where can I get more info on this?
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