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So now from the media onslaught the real target of the Las Vegas massacre is obvious: bump stocks. Predictably, an onslaught of media clamoring for 'something to be done' comes into play like clockwork, easily manipulated by Russian intelligence.

Again, the Russians cannot begin to implement the destabilization phase in America while guns are still legal.

To recap, here are the four phases of Soviet style subversion and a current example of each:

1. Demoralization phase; America (sexual activism, 'random' gun violence, radical left and right wing protests, Marxist-Leninist social justice)

2. Destabilization phase; Europe (infiltrating militants into the refugee population, 'random' terror)

3. Crisis phase; Syria (a civil war, the ISIS counter-insurgency)

4. Normalization phase; western Ukraine

Russia is very adept at manipulating 'terrorism theater' to influence public opinion. The fake Moscow apartment bombings blamed on Chechnya was how Putin came to power in the first place. The well choreographed 'assassination' of a Russian ambassador by a 'Syrian' militant was another of many examples.

A multi-faceted and multi-generational subversion campaign is being waged to create support for gun control in America. The Las Vegas shooter was obviously a Russian asset. He fits the profile for their recruitment, a low level government employee, a loner. Who knows how they turned him, either with blackmail or by other means. Sexual blackmail is the usual. The casino gambling was a cover to finance him. Casinos are notorious for being places where people can launder money.

Anyway, lets examine some of the other phenomenon of Russian subversion tactics.

There are several attempts to follow a Soviet style "independence referendum" system being implemented to attack Russian targets. The latest would be Catalan in Spain. A small minority of voters turns out to 'vote' in an unofficial referendum ignored by the opposition. The result is taken as a 'democratic mandate' for Barcelona or Donbass to separate from the country opposed to Russia by means of violence. So even though the territory of Spain or the Ukraine is part of that country, the secessionist contingent can 'leave' the country with that territory and disclaim any liability for their share of the national debt. The California independence movement leader was also tied to Russia. It is all part of the campaign of subversion outlined by Yuri Bezmenov in the 80's.

Of course, when Syrians take to the streets against their Russian backed multi-generational dictator for killing political protesters, that isn't "democratic" by the Russian definition. Assad of course has 'democratic legitimacy' to kill civilians because he is a loyal puppet of Moscow.

Nevertheless, there is currently one Russian secessionist plot bigger than all of the others put together, & that is Brexit.

If you don't think Threresa May is one of those 'good Russian prostitutes' that Putin brags about, that Brexit will be financially catastrophic for Britain, that Scotland won't leave the UK (with the North Sea gas reserves) once the UK leaves Europe, or that somehow Brexit is a good idea -- then you need to put down the vodka, wake up, and smell the borscht.

Brexit is designed to both marginalize the United Kingdom and weaken European opposition to Moscow. To make the joke even less funny, Brexit was manipulated by stoking resentment against liberal immigration policies that Moscow also helped implement in the first place with their subversive campaigns for Marxist-Leninist social justice. The UK, EU, and US are all under attack but don't even know it because the enemy has decided to just wage war without declaring war. It is an insidious subversive war of attrition that most westerners are too naive to even consider a possibility. Many Russians have already immigrated into target countries waiting for the Crisis Phase to be implemented.
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