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So recently there has been an apparently 'random' shooting committed by a 'lone actor' in Las Vegas.

There is nothing random about this. What our public school brainwashed union thugs in government don't seem to understand is how this was obviously espionage concurrent with the Soviet subversion model. Seriously, the government is supposed to protect America, but what are we getting for the money?

In order to bring America beyond the demoralization stage into the destabilization stage like Europe, firearms must be made illegal. The goal is to accomplish this with multi-generational subversion and brainwashing by engineering 'gun violence' to provoke an emotion reaction requiring 'something must be done.' Predictably, the whole slew of media socialists and other liberal idiots took the cue to make these types of demands. This is social programming, what the Russians call psychotronic Marxism.

Sure, gun violence may be bad, but making guns illegal won't cure that. This was an act of hostile foreign espionage which is already illegal. Random gun violence isn't nearly as bad as being rounded up by foreign troops into trucks where the carbon monoxide exhaust feeds back into the trailer. Again, the real goal is to make America 'demand' gun prohibition so a ground invasion would be possible. A county music event of 'gun supporters' was targeted specifically for this purpose. The idea is to provoke a visceral emotional reaction designed to motivate demands for political change.

America may not realize America is at war, but America's enemies are at war with America.

Let's look at just how far this has gone.

Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump are obviously compromised by Russian intelligence. What they call KOMPROMAT.

Obama had his entire political career sponsored by Russia, and had a handler going all the way back to the Soviet days named Frank Marshall Davis. This is why Obama let Russia's proxy destroy Syria without any resistance. All he had to do was allow OTHER NATO powers to provide a no fly zone against Assad, but instead Obama took his orders from Moscow.

Donald Trump gave an acceptance speech for his nomination at the Republican National Convention that might as well have been written by the Kremlin. Actually, it was written by the Kremlin. Let's get along with Russia? Seriously what the fuck? This guy is supposed to be a republican? The best way to spot clandestine Marxism is by the narrative. If the politician or public figure is on narrative, they are obviously a clandestine Marxist. Don't be fooled by his rhetoric on North Korea. They fire missiles over Japan and Trump does absolutely nothing about it. China is doing more to protect the world against Marxism today than America, pathetic.

America is leaderless and defenseless against the threat of clandestine Marxism.
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