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Originally Posted by rapunzel View Post
Apologies for not replying earlier but I have been ill. There really is no record of a Great Flood in Egypt. As Abacus said, the 'flood' mentioned in the BOD is the annual Nile flood upon which the prosperity of Egypt depended.

The daughter of Re and a flood that you mention would be the story of the lioness goddess Sekhmet who was sent by her father Re to punish mankind. So great was her blood lust that the fields ran red with blood and so Re had compassion on mankind and repented of his desire to punish them. Sekhmet couldn't be stopped however so Re came up with the idea of flooding the fields with pomegranate juice, to simulate the collour of blood, and mixed it with beer. Sekhmet lapped it all up and became so drunk she slept for three days and when she awoke her blood lust had vanished and humanity was saved.

A great story but not proof of a Flood.
thats just so silly to think that an annual event is memorialized like that but i never did say the flood took place in egypt. and the edfu texts similarly speak of an annual event? you keep on thinking what you like.
at this time in history nothing stops with differences in opinion over a text. science is working very hard to prove mythology is correct. it makes science very happy to ensure mythology wins over religion.
they have found the great compound of life. the seed of egyptian culture with it. the seed of all culture really. there are artifacts to show already...

do you know what this is?

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