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Originally Posted by whaaat View Post
i think there is. according to faulkner there is a Great Flood which is a woman [daughter of Re] and great flood here on page 130 in The Egyptian Book of the Dead:The Book of Going Forth by Day page 130...part 174 chapter for letting a spirit go out from the great gate in the sky

"...and I am he who guards the linen garments which the Cobra guarded on the night of the great flood. "

Apologies for not replying earlier but I have been ill. There really is no record of a Great Flood in Egypt. As Abacus said, the 'flood' mentioned in the BOD is the annual Nile flood upon which the prosperity of Egypt depended.

The daughter of Re and a flood that you mention would be the story of the lioness goddess Sekhmet who was sent by her father Re to punish mankind. So great was her blood lust that the fields ran red with blood and so Re had compassion on mankind and repented of his desire to punish them. Sekhmet couldn't be stopped however so Re came up with the idea of flooding the fields with pomegranate juice, to simulate the collour of blood, and mixed it with beer. Sekhmet lapped it all up and became so drunk she slept for three days and when she awoke her blood lust had vanished and humanity was saved.

A great story but not proof of a Flood.
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