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If anyone has any information at all about when this video was recorded, where it first surfaced and why it only got leaked now, then please do share. It was definitely an undercover job and I am very curious. Thank you.

Analysing what Clifford said more I think it's obvious he knew he was doing wrong and tried to self-justify it to himself. I think he subconsciously made the 13 year old and 15 year old into 'two 14 year olds' because he knew deep down that 13 was just beyond the pale. You can just about get away with not calling it paedophilia where 14 year olds are involved, more a case of underage sex, but if the offender is more than 10 years older - i'm being generous here - it's getting pretty gross. Clark was 45 and 32 years older. On that basis alone I would have considered anything under 16 to be serious poncing, let alone 13. Clifford needs to take stock, admit he did wrong, apologise and resign from Children In Need. Maybe he isn't a bad bloke at heart, I don't know. Anyhow, like the gypsy in 'Thinner' said, 'die clean'. I will be contacting Children In Need myself this week and giving them my opinion on the matter. It's just a joke, like everything else seems to be when you dig around a little bit.
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