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Originally Posted by illuminumnuts View Post
Will you indeed? Be my guest then... You seem to have a strong interest in this story if I may be so bold. Anyhow, you clearly don't have a clue what you are talking about, don't seem to have read anything on the thread and don't seem to understand the issues on the thread. We are talking about what Clifford himself 'knew' here, not what 'story' he did or didn't break. Furthermore, he didn't break the story, it was the Harkess women and the stroy would have been broken with or without him. What you mean to say is he tried to control the story.

Now then, strictly on topic, what do you think about people who term the grooming (flashing at the minimum) of 13 year old girls by 45 year old men as 'slightly serious'? A straight answer will do. Thank you.

Yes. I have a strong interest because if you bothered to do some research you will understand that Max Clifford, acting as the Harkess women publicist,
sold their story about Alan Clarks behaviour to the press in 1994.
There have been links repeatedly posted on this forum .
Now, either people cannot read, havent read or are shills.

For clarification please read/see post 13356 on the "Saville is a paedo" topic.

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