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Originally Posted by zero1 View Post
I've a feeling, regardless of what may be behind it, that Icke's "Moon Matrix" theory will be the last straw even for those who were prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt; await the deluge of ridicule and merciless mockery from the world, David.
Yes it is very much a shame; the shape shifting reptilian theory was bad enough but now "the Moon is not a planet but a giant spacecraft" theory is just going to add fuel to the fire of his many enemies.

I should just add to this by saying that there are numerous suspiciously doctored NASA photographs of the Moon and I am entirely open to the view that there are man made structures on the Moon; however I base that on a study of numerous photographs; however it is rather a giant leap to claim that the Moon is a large spacecraft inhabited by aliens who are exerting a malevolent control over us.

Oh dear


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