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Originally Posted by unsheepled View Post
This thread has me hooked and i am making enquiries about an allotment garden with a large greenhouse ,brick raised beds and an area that has been used for potatoes and such fact everything i would need (except the know how ) to grow things.
Its in the grounds of the local mental health clinic where i live in the country but it is seldom used .My health means i would just use part of it as it is quite big but i'm raring to go and an email has been sent from my CPN to ask the question ...can i work in the garden .Wish me luck
I like the idea of that,

I had many years ago now a real stab of a small stately home walled garden only 10 minutes drive from home. It had a superb Georgian greenhouse with the old boiler system still fitted.
All the old equipment was still there too, ride on lawnmowers tool shed and store room for the winter food with all the slatted racks.

It has immense apple and fruit orchards which I sold around the local family shops in town.

I soon got a plan drawn up and an agreement with the old lady owner and got stuck in. The large gardens around the hotel were an immense task but it was simply too much for me when my cousin pulled out and left me to it.

The place is now a hotel and the walled garden a superb garden centre last time I was over that neck of the woods.

If your place is like I think it is you may have the opportunity of a life time.

Try to get at least a 20 year contract from the owners and be very wary of the Transition Towns gurus who are pro climate change warriors.

Go for it and I wish you all the best.
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