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Lightbulb The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

Originally Posted by judgedread View Post
I think they call it "Taking one for the boys" and forces in Afganistan are told to turn a blind eye to boys being raped.

It's not call of duty, thats for sure.

Dancing boy performing in what is now Uzbekistan..
Cushions and rugs were fetched, on which we gratefully reclined, great carpets were spread over the court, the natives puffed at their narghiles, politely offering them to us, and the famous Khivan bachehs made their entrance. Backstage, an orchestra mainly composed of twin flutes, kettle drums, and half a dozen man-sized silver trumpets took up its stand. Opposite us a door left slightly ajar led to the harem quarters. We caught a glimpse of flashing eyes as the inmates thronged to the door to have a good look at us and watch the performance...
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