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Exclamation Update 2


1950's onwards - organised and sophisticated worldwide network of paedophiles in operation began.
Distribution of pro - paedophile propaganda began.

1951 - Savile's Tour of Britain cycle race.

1955 - earliest recorded instant by police of abuse by Savile, in Manchesterwhen running dance hall.

1958 - 1967 - Savile's radio career begins at Radio Luxembourg

mid 1950's - Savile manages the Plaza Ballroom on Oxford Road, Manchester.

1955 - 56 - Savile manages Mecca-owned Palais dance hall in Ilford, Essex.

mid 50's - mid 60's - Savile living in Salford; later period with Ray Teret, who became his
support DJ, assistant and chauffeur

Late 1950's/early 1960 - Savile manages the Mecca Locarno ballroom in Leeds.

1958 - 1967 - Savile Radio Luxembourg

1959 - Maggie Thatcher MP Finchley.

1960's - CPS file about allegations against Cyril Smith started now (having initially claimed to have ‘no knowledge’ of
any police investigation, the CPS backtracks in 2013.).

1961, 1st January - Conservative Monday Club founded by Ian Greig, Paul Bristol, Cedric Gunner and Anthony Maclaren.

1962 - Cyril Smith begins taking an interest in Youth matters in Rochdale - ''sitting on committees in charge
of the Rochdale Youth Theatre, the Rochdale Youth Orchestra, the Youth Employment Committee, as well as the
governorship of 29 local schools.'' He also sets up a hostel for boys from deprived families in Rochdale,
''approaching poor parents and explaining that their child would be better off in care.''

1963 - Profumo scandal

1963 - 1968 - abuse at Kincora boys home, Belfast, home to 168 boys age 15 - 18. (3 staff jailed 1981).

1963 - Male victim comes forward to claim Savile raped him but is told by police to “forget about it”. Story corroborated
in January by Chief Drusilla Sharpling in Watchdog Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary's report, 'Giving Victims a Voice'.

1963 - Lord Boothby begins an illicit affair with East End cat burglar Leslie Holt. Introduced to the Krays.
Underworld connections and factTom Driberg MP involved not reported until 1964 inSunday Mirror, despite
conservative Sunday Express knowing earlier. Krays criminal activities continue for c.3 years, til 8 May 1968
when arrested.

1964, New Year's Day - Savile presented the first edition of Top of the Pops at BBC.

1964 - Police intelligence files link the notorious paedophile to a child sex ring but it is overlooked until 2012.

1965 - 1988 - Savile volunteer porter and fundraiser at Stoke Mandeville hospital. Also had his own quarters there.

1966 - Savile introduced to Mountbatten by Prince Philip.

1967 - and for next 18 months, 13 yr old Guy Marsden, Jimmy Savile's nephew, taken to wealthy celebrities houses in London
with his friends, where men sexually abused girls and boys as young as 10, with Savile present. Showbiz names and Priest,
victims from orphanage or childrens home.Originally taken frm Euston station by men who coincidentally knew Savile as abusers.

1967, July 27th - Decriminalisation of Sexual Offences Act 1967 is passed in an Act of Parliament that decriminalises homosexual acts in private between two men, both of whom had to have attained the age of 21.

1968 -Savile's Travels, BBCradio 1.

1968 - 1970's - Savile volunteers as volunteer porter at Leeds General Infirmary. One of victims only 5.

1969, 10th December - Savile records 'Christmas Songs of Praise' for the BBC from Calder High School. Transmission
date 28/12/69. FOI to BBC by 56cheffy.

1970, December - one of the earliest photographs we know of, of Jimmy Savile with Prince Charles, Yorkshire Post Press Room.

early 1970's - snuff films came into existence - name alledgedly derived from Charles Manson.

early 1970's - John Peters, Englishman who takes part in 'Bjorn tape' video of horrific sex assault on 8 yr old boy, and former soldier,
goes AWOL after being charged with having sex with a 14 yr old boy in public toilets near his base in Sutton Coulfield.
Later goes on to be convicted in Denmark of a separate offence of child abuse.
70's - 80's - abuse in Islington's children's homes under watch of Margaret Hodge.
Abuse in childrens homes nationally during this period an epidemic.

1970 - Edward Heath wins election and becomes Prime Minister.

1970 - Maggie Thatcher appointed her Secretary of State for Education and Science by Edward Heath.

1970 - to present day - The Spartacus International Gay Guide published, annually. originally by
John D. Stamford, currently by Bruno Gmünder Verlag in Berlin, Germany. PeterGlencross the commercial
Manager. Allegedly an international paedophile ring with an estimated 30,000 members. A good resource for paedophiles
looking for children to molest. Listed countries, areas addresses and prices to spend the night with a child.

1970's - Jimmy Savile awarded honorary green beret by the Royal Marines.

1970's - Savile appears in the second episode of a series called 'Play it Safe; Children Cant Fly'. Contains interviews
with parents and children who have had an actual accident, who speak of their reactions and lessons they had learned.

1970 - first recorded instance of abuse by Savile at Duncroft school in Surrey.

1970, January - Savile appears on This Is Your Life', hosted by Eamonn Andrews.

1970, November 6th - 'Ask Aspel' interview with Jimmy Savile as guest. Extracted from FOI request to BBC by 56Cheffy.

1971 - Jimmy Savile OBE

1971, February 11th - Savile records 'SPEAK - EASY' from Broadmoor Hospital. Transmission date 6/3/71. FOI to BBc by 56cheffy.

1971, April 10th - ''Charity Walk' pre-recorded interview by Michael Aspel'. Discovered in FOI request to BBC by 56Cheffy.

1971, January - 'Clunk Click Every trip'; Savile appears in a series of British public information films sponsored
by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). Designed to help promote the new law for wearing
seatbelts in the front of a vehicle.

1971 - 1973 - Payola scandal. Radio 1/BBC sex for airtime. Savile questioned.

1971, March 29th - Claire McAlpine commits suicide.

1972 - John Stamford convicted of sending obscene literature through the post. Shortly after
leaves for Holland.

1973 - Michael Aspel placed at same event as Savile during charity event at Grosvenor House. Shown in video arriving
shortly before Savile. Throws again, following 'This is Your Life' show, claims he has never met him out the window.

1973 - margaret Hodge elected as a councillor for the London Borough of Islington.

mid 1970's - Paedophile Action Group for Liberation breakaway group from Gay Liberation Front.
Later merged with P.I.E. P.I.E. campaign to legalise sex with children over 4. Peter Righton founding member.

1974, february - Edward Heath no longer Prime Minister.

1974, February - Leon Brittan MP for Cleveland and Whitby.

1974, February 2nd - John Savile, Jimmy's brother, stands as a liberal candidate for Battersea North.

1974 - Chris Denning's first conviction for gross indecency and indecent assault at Old Bailey.

1974 - 1990 - a series of incidents of child abuse occurred within the North Wales children's homes.
Some initial reports did not appear in public.
Keith Gregory claims at Bryn Estyn Savile and brother Johnny were visitors in Howarths flat and boys
were brought to them. Deputy Head Peter Howarth, former ex-Tory MP Sir Peter Morrison, and also named by others.
Steve Messham claims in 2012 Alastair McAlpine abused him there.

1975 - Jimmy Savile 10 day 'state visit' to Israel. He meets President Ephraim Katzir and Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek, and
was organised by John Levy of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust.

1975, 30 October - 1980, 17 Nov- The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe begins murder spree.
Savile viewed as a suspect and questioned by West Yorkshire Police. Moulds taken of teeth.

1975 - Thatcher beats Edward Heath in Tory leadership election to become leader of the opposition.

1975 - Thatcher meets Alastair McAlpine at a dinner party and subsequently appoints him Treasurer of the
Conservative Party until 1990.

1975 - Savile beat and raped girl at Stoke Mandeville hospital as part of a satanic ritual with other adults in the hospital
basement. He chanted 'Hail Satan' in Latin. Girl first spoke out in 1992.

1975 - 1976 - North Fox Island abuse, USA. Francis D Shelden missing since his “youth camp” on Fox Island
turned out to be a pedophile and child porn haven. Frank Shelden owned North Fox Island in Lake Michigan–
a private island near Traverse City. Shelden also wrote for Better Life Monthly “seeking liberation for boys
and boy-lovers.” He was also Frank Torey editor of PAN and of Spartacus notoriety with Stamford.

1976+ - photo of Savile at Haute de la Garenne (dated from Superspike t shirt)

mid 70's - allegations of abuse by Jimmy Savile at Haut de La Garenne. Victim comes forward 2008.

1976, January 20th - second Ripper victim, Emily Jackson murdered.

1976 - 'Understanding Paedophilia' by P.I.E. took over original P.I.E. newsletter, mainly by Warren Middleton.
Designed as a serious journal with articles from psychologists designed to give paedophilia 'respectability'.
Later replaced by 'Magpie'.

1976 and 1977 - Oakland county child killer, unidentified serial killer responsible for the murders of
four or more children, two girls and two boys, in Oakland County, Michigan, USA. Frank Shelden/Torey?

1977 - Maggie Thatcher appears on 'Jim'll Fix it'. She says to Jimmy ‘When I was small I didn’t think there ever could be
a woman prime minister, but we hope you’re going to fix it, Jimmy,’ she cooes. He states fortuitously (?!), ‘I already have
done, privately, but I didn’t want everyone to know,’. 2 years later she becomes Prime Minister.

1977, February 5th - Ripper victim number 3 - ROUNDHAY murder of Irene Richardson.

1977 - 'Childhood Rights' published by P.I.E. A regular publiation assimilated into Magpie when editor ('David') died.

1977, April 23rd - Ripper victim number 4.

1977, June 26th - Ripper victim number 5.

1977, 19 September - members of P.I.E. first open meeting in London at the Conway hall in Red Lion square.
Members attacked by outraged mothers.

1977, October 1st - Ripper victim number 6.

1977 - victim, aged 11, abused by Peter Righton and other members of P.I.E. in London until 16. Cyril Smith
+ other vips allegedly involved.

1978, January 21st - 7th Ripper victim.

1978, January 31st - 8th Ripper victim.

1978, May 16th - 9th Ripper victim.

1978 - Leon Brittan made Queen's Counsel.

1978 - October 1st - Peter Hayman cautioned by police.

1979, April 4th - Ripper victim number 10.

1979, 4th May - Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister.

1979, 4th May - 10th January 1988 - Willie Whitelaw Deputy Prime minister. Also Home Secretary from now until 11th June 1983.

1979, 27th August - Lord Mountbatten killed by IRA bomb on boat in Ireland.

1979 - 1981 - Leon Brittan Minister of State at the Home Office, and then made Chief Secretary
to the Treasury, a Cabinet position.

1979 - 1983 - Harvey Proctor MP Basildon.

1979 - 1983 Alastair McAlpine deputy chairman of Tory party.

1979, 5th November - Martin Allen, 15, disappears. Last seen by a friend at King’s Cross Tube station
as he made his way home from school. Man and boy seen acting suspiciously at Earl's Court, just a few miles
from Elm Guest House. Photofit bears remarkable resemblance to Harvey Proctor.

1979 - 81 - Vincent, abused in Elm Guest house age 11 and house next to church in Sea Rd, Bexhill abuse.
'two men' mentioned twice - same ones? Filmed - took big boxes away.

same time Grafton Close raided after cleaner came in to tidy and found photos and videos of young people behind the cushions,
staff disappear and one got 3 months probation and then went back to working with children.

1979 June - 1985 ''PAN: A Magazine About Boy Love'' published. Changed to 'Paedo Alert News'
in 13th issue. Published by John Stamford and Frank Torey, Spartacus Association.
Edward Brongersma and Frits Bernard frequent contributors.

1979, 15th & 21st November - Anthony Blunt's wartime role as spy exposed by Thatcher in House of Commons after
'Climate Of Treason' book by Andrew Boyle and Private Eye's expose.

1979, December 19th - Savile ''to appear as Father Christmas and take part as required' at the BBC. Obtained via FOI
request to BBC by 56cheffy.

late 1970's - Savile forms relationship with Prince Charles after coming together through their work with
wheelchair sports charities.

1980s: Deputy head of Gwynedd County Council's children's assessment centre Alison Taylor became concerned at abuse she had witnessed or heard reported and began documenting the allegations.

1980 - Stringfellows, Covent Garden opens.

early 1980's - Derek Laud becomes first black member of the Conservative Monday club.

1981 - 1987 - Ray Wyre starts at Albany Prison, Isle of White, working with category A prisoners.
Pioneered group therapy for sex offenders here. Also HMP Parkhurst IOW. Kray was among
his charges at Parkhurst.

1981 - Maggie Thatcher describes Savile's work as ''marvellous''. 11 consecutive new years spent with
Savile at Chequers.

1981-4th August (Royal Wedding) - Vishal Mehrotra goes missing on way home to Putney, less
than a mile from Elm Guest House, whilst 'Kings and Queen's' at Rocks Lane in full swing.
Body found in 1982 in woodland in Sussex.

1981 - 'Perspectives on Paedophilia' published with chapters by Peter Righton and DrMorris Fraser (Azimuth trust).
Derides 'moral panic' over paedophilia & says that with ‘the child’s willing compliance . . . the sex is unlikely
to do much harm’.

1981 - 3 senior care staff at Kincora boys home jailed for abusing 11 boys.

1982-1992 - Margaret Hodge emerges as council leader of Islington.

1982 - Falklands War.

1982 - 'Age of the Train'. Savile appears in A brace of iconic "Age of the Train" ads for British Rail.

1982 - two men, John Rowe & Terry Dwyer, persuade Carole Kasir to change Elm Guest House into a place for homosexual men.

1982 - advert for Elm Guest House placed in Spartacus International Gay Magazine,
with a special coded 10% ''discount'' for members. ''Harry'', husband of Carol Kasir, the contact point for bookings.

1982, June - CGHE strongly recommends Elm Guest House to visit in their newsletter to members. Letter first
actual proof of a Tory link to the guest house. Issue on 8th April 1982 issues a particularly glowing review
and lists facilities such as a sauna, solarium and video studio.

1982 - Haroon, Carole Kasir and William Everett charged for on this date having in their possession obscene articles,
(5 video tapes), for gain.

1982, June 12th - Charges start this date, for on OR before, for Carole Kasir and William Everett, keeping a 'disorderly house'
at Elm Guest House.

1982, June 19th - other charges of neglect of a child, (by Carol, Haroon and William Everett) on OR before, alleged from this
point. On AND before living wholly or in part off the livings of a prostitute (acquitted), knowingly permitted the place to
be used for prostitution, (acquitted) on AND before this date, and William Everett for published on OR before this date obscene

1982, July 9th- Queen is visited by an intruder in her bedroom. Michael Fagan climbed over the walls surrounding Buckingham palace,
broke into Buckingham Palace undetected, then made his way to the Queen’s bed chamber, where he woke her up and sat on her bed
for about 10 minutes. The 6th breach of security at the Queen's London residence that year, there is a clamour to know why the
Queen’s security has been breached so many times.
(24th Sept 1982 - BY NICK DAVIES!)
Update on details by intruder interview last year. Claims he was given whisky.

1982, July 19th - Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw announces the reason for Former Commander Michael Trestrail,
police officer closest to the Queen, resigning, in The House of Commons to a ''stunned silence''. Not for security breaches
to Queens safety, but because he has been involved in a relationship with a male prostitute.
''It would also seem the Queen herself has been party to the cover - ups''.
Trestrail is also named in the documents relating to Elm Guest House child abuse scandal.,7038905

1982, August 7th - Daily Express report ''at least 3 MP's, a member of Buckingham Palace, and leading lawyers, doctors and
city businessmen''are questioned as part of inquiries relating to a vice ring' in ''a brothel in a smart London
suburb''. Over next 10 days, more lurid allegations emerge in almost every national newspaper. All of the national news for
those ten days about the Elm Guest House paedophile ring can be accessed via Murun's site here;

1982, 8th August - MET'S Special Patrol Group of 60 officers raid Elm Guest House, (this when 17-year-old rent boy who
acted as ‘in-house masseur’ was detained & who also appeared on dr who & Royal Command performance), resulting
in charges being brought for running a disorderly house. Police found a ''huge store of pornographic material including
video tapes''. There were also whips, chains and ropes.'' 2 under - cover officers were embedded as guests making secret
radio recordings in a plastercast. Less than 10 people present at the house during raid.

1982, 9th August. Article discusses VIP vice ring in south London with at least one MP, and a staff member at Buckingham palace
involved. Elms was raided day before and on the 19th July Trestrail's resignation was announced in parliament. This article
referring to Buckingham Palace staff member published DAY after raid.

1982 - ''Elm Guest House Charge Sheet''. Charges state Haroon Kasir, Carole Kasir and William Everett''on or before 12th June
1982 kept a disorderly house at 27 Rocks Lane, Barnes, London SW 13.'' And that ''on or before the 19th June 1982'' the
three ''neglected'' (redacted) ''in a manner likely to cause him unecessary suffering''. Tom Watson's source notes that
despite this Social Services was not informed by the police nor a Place Of Safety Order issued alongside the warrant from
the magistrate. It was only done AFTER the raid. Also points to heavy involvement of William Everett,

1982 - Cliff Richard's records released, 'Now You See me, Now You Don't'', and ''Daddy's Home''. Placed here for time context
and a suggested musical interlude.

1982, August - After 10 days of non stop reporting in national newspapers on VIP vice probe, papers go silent.
The reason being, libel threats are issued, as this article in Capital Gay illustrates;
Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, investigates complaints from lawyers representing the Guest House. He also plays
large role in the Sir Peter Hayman cover - up, & told Geoffrey Dickens not to name the paedophile diplomat in Parliament.
As Murun says, 'the most striking thing about the Capital Gay article is strenuous denial of any link to the
murder/disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra and Martin Allen, both of whom disappeared not far from Rocks Lane between 1979
and 1981.''
All credits for included articles and finds, here, go to Murun at:-

1983, 9th June - General Election. Thatcher wins, Leon Brittan changes his seat to Richmond.

1983, 11th June - Leon Brittan becomes Home Secretary, taking over Willie Whitelaw.

1983, June 9th - Peter Bottomley changes from MP for Woolwich West to Mp for Eltham (new constituency).
1983 - 1987 - Harvey proctor MP Billericay.

1983 - Kasirs convicted at the Old Bailey of running a disorderly house, fined & given suspended

1983, Nov 24th - Geofffrey Dickens alleges paedophilia at Buckingham Palace, by an employee. Leon Brittan implored
to investigate his files.

1983 - Brighton boy, 6, attacked & sexually assaulted in car by 3 men whilst walking home. Police
question PIE members in connection with the attack, but the crime remains unsolved to this day.Over 1
million people sign petition demanding legislation to make paedophile groups such as PIE illegal, but
Leon Brittan refuses to do anything.

1983 - Alastair McAlpine no longer deputy chairman of tory party.

1984, 30 Jan - 'Maggies Militant Tendency' documentary by BBc exposes Tories far right wing leanings.
Examines Neil Hamilton, Harvey Proctor and Gerald Howarth. Legal proceedings follow.

1984 - Geoffrey Dickens MP hands over 50 page dossier on VIP child abuse with links to Em Guest House to the Home Office.
Later 'encouraging' half hour meeting with Home Secretary Leon Brittan.

1984, June 1st - Mark Tildlsley, 7, lured from fair & murdered by Sydney Cooke and gang. No prosecutions
made, and Cooke's role in murder not investigated until 1999.

1984, 21st May - The Conservative Monday Club under Thatcher revises its constitution. Prolific publications occur;of booklets,
pamphlets, policy papers, an occasional newspaper, Right Ahead, & a magazine Monday World.

1984, Savile accepted as a member of the Athenaeum, a gentlemen's club in London's Pall Mall,
after being proposed by Cardinal Basil Hume.

1984 - P.I.E. disband owing to hostile public opinion following two members of PIE’s executive committee being jailed in
November, for 6 months & 18 months respectively. Leon Brittan, controversially, never influenced the banning of P.I.E.

1984 - Alastair McAlpine created a life peer in the New Years Honours List taking the title Baron McAlpine of West Green of
West Green in the County of Hampshire.

1984 - IRA bomb Brighton Hotel. Alastair McAlpine on a target list of the IRA.

mid 80's - Derek Laud becomes a researcher & special adviser, working for Conservative Members of Parliament & government

1985 - first public allegation of abuse in Islington's Council care by Demetrious Panton to Margaret Hodge.
(very existence of which would be ignored until 1989).

1985 - Chris Denning imprisoned for 18 months for gross indecency with a child.

1985 - Cliff Richard appears on ''Jim'll Fix It''.

1985, November - Jason Swift, 14, brutally raped & murdered by Sydney Cooke & three accomplices
– Leslie Bailey, Robert Oliver & Steven Barrell.

1986, January - Leon Brittan resigns over Westland affair.

1986: Alison Taylor reports her concerns about abuse to North Wales Police.

1986 - Sunday Times expose Spartacus. Undercover reporters offered 2 boys in manila, 8 & 14. He said
“If you are discreet, I can guarantee you will get as many boys as you want in the Philippines.

1986, June - August - Harvey proctor commits the offences (spanking case) pertaining to the later case in court. These are
three acts of gross indecency with one male and one act of gross indecency with another - both teenagers.

1986, September - lurid rumours now surface about Harvey Proctor in the papers. Allegations appear in a Sunday newspaper
claiming he had organised gay spanking sessions with boys in his London flat.

1986, October - Neil Hamilton and fellow MP Gerald Howarth (one of his closest friends), sue the BBC for libel
owing to documentary ''Maggies' militant Tendency''.Prosecution financed by Sir James Goldsmith, Taki, David
Davis and Lord Harris of High Cross. Hamilton and Howarth were awarded £20,000 each and in the next edition
of Panorama on 27 October, the BBC made an unreserved apology.

1986 - Childline launches, by Esther Rantzen. She will later on the public breaking of the scandal admit to hearing
rumours about Savile's paedophilia but that ''rumours are not evidence''.
1987, 10th March - Daniel Morgan, private investigator for Southern Investigations murdered in pub car park,
Sydenham, following important police corruption probe, phone hacking and seeking witnesses against Proctor
and Hamilton for Maggies Militant Tendency legal threats.

1987, May - Harvey Proctor resigns as MP for Billericay shortly after his trial and after being fined pounds 1,450 for acts of
gross indecency; he was involved in homosexual spanking sessions with young male prostitutes. Lawyer is Sir David Napley,
influential solicitor, who represents also Commander Trestrial who is also on the Elm Guest
House list.

1987 - Beat Meier and Roger Lawrence (P.I.E. member) were caught by UK customs in 1987 trafficking a 3 year old boy
on the Ostend – Dover ferry. Dutch and British Government's failure to legislate against paedophile groups enabled
the cross border connections to exist. Meier’s name is also believed to have come up during the Marc Dutroux
investigation in Belgium, along with Spartacus boss John D. Stamford.

1987: Taylor was suspended by the Gwynedd local authority, which offered her a financial termination agreement on condition that she sign a confidentiality agreement. She refused.

1988 - Cyril Smith knighted by the Queen for public services during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

1988 - Harvey Proctor opens his tie shop in Brewers Lane, off Richmond Green, with extremely generous investment from
many MPs and acquaintances, many with a 'colourful' history, including Neil Hamilton, Jeffrey Archer, Michael Heseltine,
& Michael Brown disgraced tory Whip. A second shop follows in Knightsbridge. Despite losses in its first year MPs continued
to generously donate, as the register of members' interests reveals to the ''curious inquirer''. A sign inside says 'shirtlifters
will not be prosecuted'.

1988 - Gracewell Clinic, Moseley, Birmingham, established by Ray Wyre. The first residential
treatment centre for sex offenders anywhere in the world.

1988, August - Savile appointed by junior health minister Edwina Currie chair
of an interim task force overseeing the management of Broadmoor Hospital, after its board members had been suspended.

1988 - for 3 yrs - Azimuth Trust, sailing charity for disadvantaged boys based in Cornwall set up by Dr Morris Fraser
and Michael Johnson. Photographed naked boys. Dr Fraser, like Peter Righton, contributed sympathetic chapters to 'Perspectives
on Paedophilia' pub 1981. Fraser intro'd at least 1 boy to Charles Napier.
''Police criticised over handling of abuse case'';

1988 - Alan Williams (21) and Warwick Spinks (25) set up Boys Club 21 and Gay Palace in Amsterdam.

1988 - Chris Denning jailed for three years for indecent assault on a 13-year-old boy and possession of indecent photographs.

1988, 31st December - Leon Brittan no longer MP for Richmond.

1989, May - Sydney Cooke sentenced to 19 years in Wandsworth Prison for manslaughter of Jason Swift.

1989, Feb 3rd - Colin Peters, Alan Delaney, Ernest Whittington, Victor Burnett, sentenced at the Old Bailey for involvement
in a ''sex ring'' which ''lured boys as young as 10 into prostitution'' over a 5 yr period (around 1983 - 1987). Convictions arose
from yr long investigation, 'Operation Hedgerow'. Police believe part of a much wider ring involving ''influential, professional people
and its tentacles reach into Westminster and Whitehall''. Said to ''resemble the Mafia in its organisation and strength.'' Colin Peters,
alleged ringleader who received 8 yrs, a former barrister and Foreign Office official from Bayswater.
He is also listed as a guest in the documents relating to Elm Guest House. Alan Delaney also possibly on a photograph
contained in the Elm documents.,713256
Group now linked heavily to the Elm Guest House scandal and Operation Hedgerow bears striking ''similarities'' to Operation Fernbridge,
and similarly involves child trafficking to Amsterdam.
Judge said it resembles the Mafia possibly because it is indeed connected to it!.. ''Informed sources in Britain believe that the Delaney Peters ring and the Moncini-linked networks are connected, and that both are part of an international pedophile conspiracy.''

1989 - Leon Brittan knighted. Also resigns as MP to become European Commissioner for Competition at the European Commission.

1989: Taylor reaches out-of-court settlement with her employer and goes to press with a number of serious allegations of physical
and sexual abuse in a number of north Wales care homes spanning two decades involving multiple victims and perpetrators.

late 1980's/by 1990 - Amsterdam bars/scene - Boys Club 21 (Alan Williams), Gay Palace (Spinks), Boys for Men,
De Boys,The Blue Boy busiest watering holes in intrntnl paedophile jungle. 250 paedophiles involved in production
child pornography in Amsterdam. Amsterdam bars (Nick Davies)

late 1980's - Savile allegedly acted as an informal marriage counsellor between Prince Charles and Princess Diana,
at St James' Palace. Former Royal Family press secretary Dickie Arbiter later said Savile's behaviour had raised
"concern and suspicion".

1989, June- 1991, November - Michael Johnson of Azimuth Trust assaults 2 boys, 9 & 11, 50 times.

1989 - Robert Oliver found guilty of Jason Swift's manslaughter at trial and guilty of conspiring in a serious sexual
offence. Sentenced to 15 years in jail & served 8, released in 1997. Not on sex offenders register as his sentence
pre - dates it.

1990's - Scallywag magazine names Alastair McAlpine.

1990 - North Wales Police undertake investigation into allegations at the Cartrefle home in Clwyd. Head of the home, Stephen Norris,
63, pleads guilty to sexual offences against boys in his care and is jailed for three-and-a-half years.

1990 Naypic helping Carol Kasir.

1990 Carol Kasir found dead age 47 in her flat. Coroners inquest concludes suicide by insulin overdose.
NAYPIC employees believe murdered.

1990 - 'A' contacted NAYPIC- a teenage victim/witness of a British paedo ring who said he was forced to film snuff movies
in a warehouse in or around Amsterdam. Before could give testimony was drugged & pulled into van
in front of Moss' home where hed been staying. Already been threatened & followed; never heard of again.
'The Elite Twelve' paedophile group would pay up to £ 5 000 to children to take part in the videos.

1990's Jimmy Savile banned from Children in Need, says Sir Roger Jones, former BBC governor for Wales and chairman
of the charity.

1990 - Alastair McAlpine no longer Tory party treasurer.

1990 - Revealing interview with Jimmy Savile by Lynn Barber for The Independent on Sunday. He says he takes pleasure in taking
dead people to a hospital mortuary in Stoke Mandeville and she remarks "What people say is that you like little girls.", clearly
suggesting even then many were aware of his unlawful perversions but did nothing.

1990 - In another interview with Savile in Q magazine he reveals he 'told of his pleasure at being alone with the dead
and even issued a bizarre unprompted denial that he was a necrophiliac — someone with a sexual attraction to corpses.'

1990 - Jimmy Savile awarded Knighthood

1990 - Jimmy Savile awarded Papal Knighhood by Pope John Paul II.

1990 - IRA bomb the West Green House mansion in Hartley Wintney, where Alastair McAlpine had lived just weeks before,
and where in the past Thatcher had been a guest.

1990, 28th November - Maggie Thatcher no longer Prime Minister.

1990 - Rochdale, up to 20 children were taken from their homes and parents after social services believed them to be
involved in satanic or occult ritual abuse. The late 80's and early 90's prominently featured citations of satanic ritual abuse.

1990 - 1993 - 'Frank', informant from Nick Davies article caught up in paedo underworld & witnessed snuff film with
Spinks in Canaries. Kid no older than 12. Detectives discovered Alan Williams and friends had been discussing doing
this in the barn of a German from one of the Spuistraat clubs.

1990, December 12th - Savile appears on 'This Is Your Life' hosted by Michael Aspel. Guests include Frank Bruno,
Roger Ordish, Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter and Tony Blackburn.

1991 - Taylor submits a dossier of allegations from over 100 young people to North Wales Police, the local authority and Welsh Office.
25 people are arrested but released without charge.

1991,24th Feb - The Observer runs a lengthy article entitled "Far Right takes over the Monday Club", stating that a number
of senior members had tendered their resignations in protest at the Club's "takeover" by "extreme right-wingers", some
of whom were also members of the Western Goals Institute.

1992, April - mysterious fire breaks out in the third-floor flat in Palmeira Avenue, Hove, Brighton which kills
5 people, Several former Clwyd children’s home residents are thought to have been among the guests: two at least Bryn Alyn residents
& knew John Allen very well – Adrian Johns and his brother Lee (also known as Lee Homberg). Adrian Johns dies and
Lee Johns is injured, found dead in 1995 after testifying in John Allen’s trial.

1992, September - Peter Righton founder of P.I.E. at 66 pleads guilty to three charges of importing or possessing obscene material —
paedophile gay porn — after customs officers at Dover intercepted two packages addressed to him. Tom Watson claims in 2012 this file of
evidence used to convict him contained 'clear intelligence' of a sex abuse gang.
Quits job at National Children’s Bureau.

1992 - Neil Hamilton (currently a gov minister) & Harvey Proctor attacked in Proctor's shop in Richmond - on - Thames. Hamilton's
nose broken and Proctor's little finger in what he calls the ''gay bashing'' expedition.

''After Dark'' debate prog ''Open to Exposure'' debates the ''accuracy and ethics of journalism''. Harvey Proctor a guest, & Annette
Witheridge, who ran several stories on his salacious behaviour. (crrntly owns shirt shop)

1992 - Spinks was first investigated in 1992 after police identified him as a dangerous child abuser with links to paedophile rings
in the UK and Europe.
He divided his time between England and Amsterdam, where he acted as a fixer introducing sex tourists to young boys in the Dutch city.

1992 - Charles Napier, one time treasurer of P.I.E., has house in Evesham, Worcs, raided. Police find not only ''hard-core child abuse
images from Amsterdam'' but a "quarter-century of correspondence" between paedophiles in Britain and around the world. Letter from
him found in flat in South London boasting of his life in Cairo as a "British Council teacher''. Brags of easy access to young boys
and how he can 'send Obscene images back to Britain in diplomatic bags''. Arrest and subsequent caution for indecent assault of a
boy 30 years before.

1993 - On the basis of Taylor's dossier, police obtain 2,600 witness statements and 300 cases are subsequently sent to the
Crown Prosecution Service. 7 people are prosecuted.

1993 - Gracewell Clinic (Ray Wyre) closes after pressure from local public.

1993, July - Manuel Schadwald, 12 year old Berliner, (allegedly murdered in snuff film) goes missing. Police belatedly
try to find him in late 1990's after initially being labelled a runaway, owing to increasing North European press reports
of trafficking of boys from Berlin to the Netherlands.

1993 - Dr Morris Fraser (Azimuth Trust) convicted for possession of child pornography.

1994 - Homosexual age of consent lowered to 18 in the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

1994 - Peter Howarth, former deputy head of Bryn Estyn, jailed for 10 years of abusing boys.
Dies in prison.

1994 - Peter Hatton - Bornshin, abused whilst under care of Grafton childrens home when 11 in the 80's, commits suicide at 28.

1995 - Wolvercote Clinic (Ray Wyre) opens in Epsom, Surrey, secret location, part - funded by the Home Office.

1995 - Leon Brittan becomes European Commissioner for Trade and European Commissioner for External Affairs, also serving as
Vice-President of the European Commission.

1995 Geoffrey Dickens dies.

1995 - John Stamford dies in prison from heart attack age 56, just before standing trial on child sex charges.

1995 - 1996 - Marc Dutroux kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused 6 girls from 8 - 19, murdering 4. Alleged member of mass sex ring involving VIP police and government in Belgium and Le Chateau des Amerois which included torture and murder.

1995 - Lee Johns, former Bryn Alyn resident, found dead after testifying in John Allen's trial.

1995 - John Allen founder fo Bryn Alyn community jailed 11 years for indecent assaults on boys in his care.
November 2012 seen working at a Premier Inn.

1995 - Charles Napier, treasurer of P.I.E. convicted sexual assault against minors in London.

1995 - Warwick Spinks sentenced 7 yrs reduced on appeal to 5 at Lewes Crown Court, East Sussex, jailed for sexual
offences against boys.Convicted for serious sexual assault at knifepoint, taking a child without lawful authority
and taking indecent images of children. Lewes Crown Court heard that he had he drugged a 14-year-old boy and “sold him”
to a gay brothel in Amsterdam. Flees the country before end of 5 yr sentence whilst on license (after 30 months) in a
London probation hostel, rips off several credit card companies on a spending spree in the boy bars in Fuggerstrasse
in Berlin and finally settles in Prague. Forges links with Chris Denning.
Before his arrest running notorious Why Not brothel in Amsterdam.

1995 - Andrew Neil interviews Savile on 'Is This Your Life'. Savile appears visibly uncomfortable when asked
about his liking for young girls, his meanness and explores his strange relationship with his mother.

1996, March - Chris Denning imprisoned for 10 weeks for publishing indecent photographs.

1996 - Then secretary of state for Wales William Hague orders tribunal of inquiry into allegations of child abuse
at care homes in Clwyd and Gwynedd between 1974 and 1990. It sits for 203 days under Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC and
hears from 250 witnesses, 200 additional statements, and in total hears from 650 people. The final report contains
700 allegations of abuse involving 170 individuals. More than 80 people are named as perpetrators. Findings published
in February 2000 as Lost In Care: The Waterhouse Report.

1996 - Charles Napier investigated as being an alleged member of a paedophile network operating in British schools.

1997 - Robert Oliver released from prison, serving 8 years of 15 yr sentence.Lives under name Karl Curtis.

1997 - Spinks tracked down in Prague by The Sunday People. Posing as Dutch property consultant with name Wilhelm Pavel,
shaved moustache, has 'minders', lives in flat in smaller suburbs of Prague, conducts 'tours' through hidden websites
and e mails, taunts Scotland Yard (sent postcard), has gay lover Jakob, 22. ''Between us we have 8 apartments with access to another 68''.
Uses clubs like Pinocchio's or escape for lads like on run frm conscription. Website run frm friend in Budapest.
Minibus, apartment, tours routine for punters.

1997 - Dutch journalists dig out a history of sightings of Manuel Schadwald which suggests he had been put to work in a brothel in
Rotterdam, run by a German, Lothar Glandorf, now 36. After ignoring complaints for 18 months, Rotterdam police targeted him and found he had
been selling hundreds of boys. Of those they could trace, nearly half were under 16.

1997, November - Chris Denning jailed Prague for 3 and a half years after paedo ring investigation.

1997 - Cash for Questions parliamentary enquiry. On 3 July 1997, the enquiry found Neil Hamilton guilty of taking
"cash for questions", as well as Smith.

1997, 31 August - death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

1997 - James Chalkley moves from his Stepney Flat in London to Amsterdam. Ex Eastenders actor connected to the Harry Jeffries,
Peter Howells ('Actor and agent'), John Peters (Abuser in the Bjorn video), and Warwick Spinks international paedophile ring. Mentioned in documentary 'The Boy Business'

1998 - David Icke names McAlpine in book 'The Biggest Secret'. No legal action follows.

1998, April, Edward Brongersma, Dutch Senator and Doctor of Law, dies. Defender of rights of paedophiles
and contributor to PAN.

1998, April - Sydney Cooke paroled.

1998 - Watchdog Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary's damning report On Savile reveals a letter to Scotland Yard in 1998
claiming the TV star was a child abuser was kept secret because of his ''celebrity status''.

1998 - John Peters ('Bjorn tape' attacker) believed to be in Asia.

1999 -Gary Glitter convicted for possession of child pornography in the United Kingdom. (4 000 hardcore photographs of children being abused).

1999 - Savile invites Prince Charles to glencoe cottage for private meal. Local ladies dressed in pinafores.
Christmas card received ''Give my love to your lovely ladies in Scotland''.

1999/2000 Spinks' whereabouts revealed and file sent to UK cops ('People').

1999, December 17 - Sydney Cooke sentenced 2 life sentences in Wakefield Prison for 18 sex offences
between 72 and 81 which came to light after Dispatches programme.

1999 - Leon Brittan resigns with rest of the Santer Commission amid accusations of fraud.

1999 - Savile appears as panelist on 'Have I Got News For You'

late 1990's - increasing press reports in North Europe on trafficking of boys from Berlin to the Netherlands.

2000 - Homosexual age of consent in England and Scotland lowered to 16, (Northern Ireland 17) - same as for heterosexuals -
in the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act of 2000. Jack Straw wanted the law passed ''as soon as possible''. The rarely used
Parliament Act had been invoked to get the measure onto the statute book, only the fourth time since World War One that it
has been used. Accusations of ''by - passing parliament'' and a ''constitutional outrage''.

2000, Feb - 'Lost In Care': The Waterhouse Report, which concludes that "widespread sexual abuse of boys occurred
in children's residential establishments in Clwyd between 1974 and 1990." The Waterhouse report costs an estimated £13 million.
David Cameron was a member of the home affairs select committee which considered the findings of Waterhouse.

2000, April - documentary by Louis Theroux about Jimmy Savile.

2000 - Ricky Gervais interviews Jimmy Savile. Introudes him by saying; ''He's mad, but not in a good way''. Refernces to
'Leeds prostitutes', Many pointed remarks strongly suggest Gervais knew about at least some elements of his sordid lifestyle.

2000 - Harvey Proctor's stores forced into liquidation after legal action by Customs and Excise over an unpaid VAT bill.

2000 - ''Even Michael Hames, then head of Scotland Yard's Obscene Publications Squad, who handled the Righton files expressed
disappointment more was not done. Writing in 2000 of the Righton inquiry, he called for a national team to be set up to
investigate paedophiles, adding: "I remain convinced that we have only touched the tip of a huge national and international problem."

2000, sept 8th - Jack Straws brother William Straw found guilty of an indecent assault on a 16-year-old girl.

2012 - Cameron announces that Mrs Justice Macur will consider how the Waterhouse inquiry dealt with original
allegations, its conduct and remit, & establish any new allegations. This is a new police investigation, independent
of North Wales Police force, under Operation Pallial. Ann Clwyd MP calls for the archive copy of the Jillings report
to be published and says she had read the report in 1994.

2002, July - Wolvercote Clinic (Ray Wyre) closes owing to public pressure and DOH selling of land.

2003: Following the coroner's report into the death of former Bryn Estyn clients, police launch a new investigation in which John Allen
is cleared of a further 36 offences when a judge rules that he would not receive a fair trial under EU human rights legislation.

2003, May - Grant Russell, sex tourist, murdered in Vinohrady apartment, Prague, belonging to Warwick Spinks and Vladimir and called 'Toucan Apartments'.

2004 - Comments on a Dutch blog suggest Warwick Spinks was seen working at Pinnochio bar in Prague around this time.

2004 - Harvey proctor, 'disgraced politician', reported as being ''Queen of the Castle'' as manager of the Duke of Rutland's
ancestral seat, Belvoir (pronounced Beaver) Castle, and lives in a large country house in the grounds of the 18,000-acre estate
near Grantham, Lincolnshire. Living with long term partner and art dealer, Terry Woods. He says he's lived there 'over a year'.

2005 - 2007 - investigation into News International Phone Hacking Scandal.

2005, 19th December - Rolf Harris unveils his portrait of the Queen, commissioned to mark the monarch's 80th birthday the following year.

2006 - Savile appears on final edition of Top of the Pops.

2006 - Court in Vietnam finds Gary Glitter guilty of committing obscene acts with minors. Career irreparably damaged.

2006/2007 - Savile sent 80th birthday card by Prince Charles saying "Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that." With a box of cigars and some cufflinks.

2007 - Jimmy Savile interviewed under caution by police investigating an allegation of indecent assault in the 1970s at Duncroft
Approved School for Girls, which Savile treated as a ''paedophile sweetshop''. Mr Williams-Thomas said: "The 2007 investigation
offered the best opportunity to catch Savile. It raises questions about why the one person who could have provided information
was not spoken to.

2007 - Peter Righton dies whilst living on a baronial estate in Suffolk which was regularly used as a holiday
centre for disadvantaged children in Islington, despite earlier convictions for possession of abusive images
of children.

2008, March - Savile started legal proceedings against The Sun newspaper, which
had linked him in several articles to child abuse at the Jersey children's home
Haut de la Garenne. Later admitted visiting after publication of photo.

2008, June 20 - Ray Wyre dies, aged 56.

2008 - Chris Denning extradited back out of Britain after serving 2 years of a further 4 year sentence
and jailed in October for 5 years in Slovakia for producing child pornography. (where he had been living
prior to his extradition to Britain).

2009 - Jimmy Savile interviewed under caution by Surrey police investigating an alleged indecent assault
at Duncroft school. The CPS advised there was insufficient evidence to take any further action. This was
the year of the last offence recorded by the current investigation. Police failed to interview headmistress.

2010, August - Leon Brittan returns to government acting as trade advisor to the Coalition.

2011, May - 'The father superior of the congregation of Salesians in the Netherlands, Herman Spronck, has been dismissed after
defending a paedophile priest. The Belgian Father Superior Jos Claes, of the Don Bosco group in Brussels, told RTL Nieuws that Spronck no longer represents the group in the Netherlands. The dismissal comes after the suspension earlier today of a Salesian priest who was a member of the Dutch paedophile lobby group Martijn.'.' Don Bosco is actively involved in youth work with disadvantaged children in the Netherlands and abroad.' Links to current Operation TORVA by MET police.

2011, October 29 - Jimmy Savile dies. Tributes 'pour in'.

2011 Prince Charles leads tributes to Savile. The Prince and the Duchess describe themselves as ''saddened to hear of
Jimmy Savile's death and their thoughts are with his family at this time."

2011, 9th November - Jimmy Savile's funeral. His funeral took place at Leeds Cathedral and he was buried at Woodlands Cemetery
in Scarborough, in an upright golden coffin buried at a 45 degree angle, facing the ocean and a school.

2012, April 4th - Unnamed man arrested in Somerset by Op Yewtree.

2012, June 16th - Jimmy's partner Sue Hymns and niece Amanda McKenna talk about how Jimmy Savile was a great man and all the
bad rumours of him after his death are 'not true'.

2012 Spinks finally arrested and put back in prison to serve remaining 18 months


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