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Default Haunted art

an an inanimate object be haunted such a recent painting? Can a spirit attach itself to a particular thing and then cause unexplained events to occur around it? Many believe it happens regularly. the biggest question is does the artist actually know what they are doing that makes the painting haunted?

Most artist will tell you they just do what they do, paint draw sculpt basically create with God given talents. I started this article in search of an answer. From speaking to many creative people, I've learned all they want is recognition for their work. They intensely put their heart, their soul and being into what they produce. They actually want their creations to come to life, and maybe they do. In their minds, artist are haunted by the idea until it becomes an actually reality through their hands. Colors do stir up and control emotions. But colors pattern and composition do carry different stigmas. Everyone sees something unique and everyone relates to art in different ways.

How many times have you heard someone say great piece of art but the eyes scare me. Is it because it reminds you of something? Or, I've heard people say if I had to look at that all the time, I'd have nightmares.

Many artist I believe are immune are unaware of what energy and emotions their paintings and haunted objects of art produce in others. For they know the intentions they put into it and what emotions they see. For all we know a haunted painting may have paranormal phenomena happen because the ghost that lives in your home are office just doesn't like it. This might explain haunted furniture as well.

I also believe in my research that many of the things artist produce are created to get a reaction by letting someone one into their world visually. and this can and will affect someone's existence and psyche in disturbing degrees depending on the persons life and experiences and what certain things mean to them.

Haunted paintings are sometimes said to move, talk, fall on the floor or bring bad luck. Is this just something that happens because it disturbs someone? Or is it a actual ghostly manifestation occurring.

A Haunted Artist

Edvard Munch was born on Dec. 12, 1863, in Loten, Norway. He grew up in Christiania (now Oslo) and studied art under Christian Krohg, a Norwegian naturalistic painter. Munch's parents, a brother, and a sister died while he was still young, which probably explains the bleakness and pessimism of much of his work. Paintings such as The Sick Child (1886), Vampire (1893-94), and Ashes (1894) show his preoccupation with the darker aspects of life. Munch traveled to Paris in 1885, and his work began to show the influence of French painters--first, the impressionists, and then the postimpressionists--as well as art nouveau design. Like many young artists Munch reacted against conventional behavior, and in 1892 he took part in a controversial exhibit in Berlin. His circle of friends included several writers, one of whom was the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Munch designed the sets for several of Ibsen's plays.
Between 1892 and 1908, Munch spent much of his time in Paris and Berlin, where he became known for his prints--etchings, lithographs, and woodcuts. After 1910 Munch returned to Norway, where he lived and painted until his death. In his later paintings Munch showed more interest in nature, and his work became more colorful and less pessimistic. Munch died in Ekely, near Oslo, on Jan. 23, 1944. He left many of his works to the city of Oslo, which built a museum in his honor.

The Dead Mother
1899-1900 (130 Kb); Oil on canvas, 39 3/8 x 35 3/8 in; Kunsthalle, Bremen

Many say after seeing his many works at the museum or in print they are haunted by the images. So I guess this in away proves that images bring about strong emotions that mess with peoples heads. And general consensus is his paintings are fine where they are I do not want that image in my home or my life!
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