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Look at the idiot banksters and the crooked government. Oh we had a good period of growth and the economy needs to grow more. Grew what more debt? Fiat money is a trap on the people. They can print it and inflate and deflate it at will. Global money is a trap for governments. First you have to print enough to money to be used by the entire world. Second you have to stand good for global forfeitures. I'm watching the BRICKS banks because they are falling for the same hook and sinker. This is why the rich get richer, because they have the best bull shit globally. Oh that's not good enough let us take control of it and then countries, and then finally you. Well they have owned you for decades and now it is time to carry gold and silver coin. Your birth certificate is nothing but a debt. Wake up and quit being manipulated. There is no money, only promissory notes and you can do a million dollars worth of work and you cannot set one dollar free. It is still debt. The government will not take this crooked system down, you have to do it. Use those dollars to slowly change over to precious metals and work at it until you can get rid of the promissory notes. This will put and end to the banksters and economic slavery.
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