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Default Christopher Micklovich, Gepke de L.

On March 3, 2010 4 off duty cops that didn’t identify themselves as cops beat Christopher Micklovich’s face to a pulp outside the Strange Brew Tavern in Manchester, GB. The charges against Micklovich were dropped because he hadn’t done anything more than make some smart-ass remarks and refusing to leave the area immediately (because he first wanted to put his shoes on).
Micklovich needed surgery to repair the damages to his face; including inserting metal plates (see the photograph).
Attorney-General Michael Delaney cleared these cops in March 2011 because the assault “was justified under the laws of self-defense, defense of others and use of physical force by law enforcement”.
The guilty police officers Jonathan Duchesne, Matthew Jajuga and Michael Buckley were suspended without pay for a couple of days for violating standard operating procedures (not identifying themselves as cops), while the involved cop Lt. Ernie Goodno wasn’t even suspended:

There were only 2 witnesses that were willing and able to testify about what happened. You can read these in the Attorney-General’s final report:
The following excerpts are from the testimony of Christopher Wade:
”When I’m [Micklovich] done putting my shoes on, like I told you, I’ll leave”. The men told him “No. You’re supposed to leave now. We told you to leave. You’re going to leave now”. Micklovich said again, “I’ll leave when I’m done putting my shoes on. Go f*ck yourselves”.
Wade stated that it was at that point that all four men lunged at Micklovich with a quick motion and brought him, facedown, to the pavement. Wade maintained that Micklovich was not against a car before going to the ground, but went straight to the pavement. Wade maintained that Micklovich made no aggressive moves before the men lunged at him. Immediately after Micklovich was thrown to the ground, Wade saw one of the men bring Micklovich’s arms behind his back and another man hold his legs.
Wade stated that the other two men, and only those two men, kicked and punched Micklovich repeatedly.
According to Wade, Micklovich was not struggling, not trying to get up, and not pushing up against those men. Instead he was, “totally immobile,” with his arms restrained behind his back the entire time and his legs held down. Wade saw that Micklovich’s face had become bloodied.
The other two men starting hitting, kicking and stomping Micklovich. He described those blows as “repeated and violent,” being delivered to the face and back of the head

An example of the torturing by cops and psychiatry I found on the website of Gepke de L.
Gepke was born in 1956 and functioned “normal” until 2006 (with a steady job for 34 years). In 2006 she became disabled after being abused by the police - including a “vaginal inspection”. Gepke was made homeless by the Dutch government in 2008.
Gepke has also repeatedly been tortured by sadistic psychiatrists , not only with antipsychotics but also with electroshocks (ECT). In the Netherlands some 700 people per year are tortured with electroschocks.

Gepke has repeatedly been put in jail after being fined by the police and not being able to pay these tickets.
Gepke was sentenced for her webiste, on which she names the policemen and psychiatrists, that have tortured her. Because she has refused to change her website she can be locked up at any time by the police (lijfsdwang).
Gepke’s website is practically unreadable (even when you understand Dutch). Here is the court order of April 1, 2014 (no joke) where Gepke was sentenced for her website (in Dutch); including imprisonment and a fine in money of 1000 euro per week:

The Dutch government has admitted that Gepke was unlawfully locked up for 68 days in 2006. For which she got awarded compensation in damages of 5217 euro (including costs for attorney). Usually attorneys demand much more money than what is awarded, but if we follow the 357 euro from the court judgement (beschikking) of March 29, 2007 Gepke got 4860 euro or 71.47 euro per day or 3 euro per hour of being unlawfully locked up.
Gepke was smashed against a car by the police which led to the following injury.

Gepke de L. has been handled so roughly by the police in October 2013 that she’s sitting in a wheelchair since. Because of this abuse her legs have gotten infected, because of being homeless this has deteriorated which could make her lose her legs.

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