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Arrow TPTB now prepping for Immediate global catastrophe

This is so important people , I am unable to stress the urgency of what the following information may imply .
I am not one to be an alarmist folks so please excuse me but I can not help my self but put it in the only way that this can come across .
The growing evidence of a global catastrophe on biblical scales is now becoming conclusive .

are you really prepared ?
I mean really prepared ?

because what I have here has massive implications and should not be taken lightly .

Now before I start I urge you to please read this thread , it isn't long and I will present links as soon as I am done but before I do I must present a theory of mine concerning recent global events that I believe are a cover up to hide fraudulent and laundered money from the tax payers so that the worlds elite can escape this massive on coming catastrophe .
I will present this idea and then give you the links that do prove that the PTB are indeed making real life preps and practicing these protocols right now around you today including the immediate confiscation of old and valuable books which are being now stored in salt mines to protect them .
but not before I tell you about what they are really doing with our tax payers money .

I will be brief .

1) the food shortage ? real or not ,
it is because the governments have stocked piled all our food mountains for a good reason .

2 ) the global recession , induced or not , all our previous money system has disappeared .
where has all that money gone ?
why do we not see that new few trillion dollars that we have bailed out the banks with ?
i will tell you , its being put into making a safe heaven for the PTB !

3 ) more factitious terrorist attacks to increase security ,
thus making travel much harder . why ?
you will soon see .

4 ) Army soldiers ( IE western personnel ) placed in various places around the world .
Wonder why ? is it to make sure some of us survive ?

most gold gone ?
but where and why ?

increased taxes and costs which means more and even more money for the PTB ?

heavy flooding
heavy snowfalls
deep freezes

want the proof that earth is about to go through the famous polar shift ?

its all here .
the frightening thing is this .

all governments right now are indeed preparing for a solar flair scenario which can caus polar reversal by inducing too much magentic electrical fluxes into the earths core . this can deture its directional spin which will then flip thus then the mantal flips too..

and libraries are now starting to put books in deep salt mines .

================================================== ===========
earths broken electrical magnetic core .

( Current evidence suggests we are now approaching one of these transitional states because the main magnetic field is relatively weak and rapidly decreasing, he says. While the last polarity reversal occurred several hundred thousand years ago, the next might come within only a few thousand years.

"Right now, historic records show that the strength of the magnetic field is declining very rapidly. From a quick back-of-the-envelope prediction, in 1,500 years the field will be as weak as it's ever been and we could go into a state of polarity reversal," says Singer. "One broad goal of our research is to provide some predictive capability for what could happen and what could be the signs of the next reversal.")

================================================== ======

earths magnetic field has massive breach ( this indicates and verifies the information above )

================================================== =

Scientists warn solar activity could hit London 2012 Olympic Games

================================================== ======
north pole shifting fast

================================================== =====
national geographic says north pole is moving faster , now 64 klm a year

================================================== =========

and now this =

U.S. and Europe Plan for 'Catastrophic Solar Event

books sent to salt mine.

hmm , wonder if this is all coincidence ?

by the way , there is no such thing .

are you


prepared for this ?



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