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Originally Posted by kaiser View Post
Not sure whats in Kalms tried them years ago but gotta be better for you than alcohol because the booze will make you anxious to mate.

I got that ingeus thing today, can see a sanction coming not taking any crap from the "health care professional"
Ingeus is bad enough, I think there's one even worse than that, but can't remember the name.

If you take enough Kalms you can easily sleep for 18 hours a day.

Even when awake they relax you if you cane them enough.

I only smoke outside, but cos I am so fucked, I only have 1 a day now, even though mentally I reckon 2 to 3 a day is OK.

If I lose my ATOS appeal, I'm going to book myself in to the local nut house.

Think I should already be in there to be honest.
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