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Originally Posted by steppewar View Post
I've got my ATOS medical in 2 weeks, and coincidentally, my mental and physical health is the worst it's been for 20 years.

Normally, you have to spice up your symptoms to avoid JSA and slave workfare.

Don't think I'll need to this time though.

My doc won't give me valium, so I've been taking 20 Kalms a day. Far better than booze and you can buy them in Tesco dirt cheap. 200 for £7.

You are only supposed to have 6 a day though. 20 a day nearly puts you in a coma, but totally numbs my wrecked head.

Alcohol doesn't really work on me anymore, so I've decided to become a pillhead rather than a pisshead.
Not sure whats in Kalms tried them years ago but gotta be better for you than alcohol because the booze will make you anxious to mate.

I got that ingeus thing today, can see a sanction coming not taking any crap from the "health care professional"
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