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I just tried some of the fresh natto I bought at the store. It's pretty good. Comes with it's own hot mustard and soy sauce in separate packets. which I obviously wont be using when I use it as starter culture. Fresh natto should make even better salad dressing than dried natto.

Here's a video of someone making salad dressing from natto. I been making it from dried natto, adding vinegar, olive oil, dill, sea salt, pepper and hot mustard; but this recipe looks yummy. I just don't have her ingredients on hand.

One last note. I should be able to use the dried natto I have coming as starter culture. I recall someone saying they did that on an Amazon review for natto. Once I dust off and sterilize all my equipment this should be something I can whip up with just a few minutes prep time, requiring not much more effort than making yogurt...
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