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"You will know me by the fruit I bear." Since contractees cant discuss their personal business with other humans, and they cant make statements that are untrue or offensive to their partner, they cannot even tell us there is a problem. In fact the Djinm put their partner through a series of tests, making the subject prove their devotion, and committment to the Djinn they contracted as their partner. The subjects DO try to tell us, but the words/lyrics are doublespeech as it has to represent both parties. The Djinn, being a superintelligence, or a superior intelligence is able to do more incredible things with a persons mind and body than we are. When you see vocalists like Mariah Carey making amazing harmonious melodies, or your favorite rapper sticking amazing lyrics to incredible beats, its because the Djinn are basically overclocking their brain.
Watch The Weekend, Starboy. The Djinn is celebrating a victory over the human. He has contracted the singers soul, and now gets to use the singers body and mind. He is making good on the promises of fame and fortune to the singer, and rubbing it in how easy it is for him to do so. "I made your whole year in a weak, My main bytch and side bytch are both out of your league. I reinvented myself, got rid of your ridiculous hair do, and now we are a star boy." The singer will be fuel for the stars, the Djin will be a star on stage, and make better use of that body and abilities than the singer ever did. Rhiana, wears a shirt for 1 second in We found love in a hopeless place, that says WE HAVE ESP. In the hit Blurry Face, which is a charicteristic of the Djinn when they visit people in dreams, the singers demonstrate an excercise they used to open their 3rd eye. You see the singers of 21 pilots laying on beds attempting to telepathically communicate with each other. All the artists talk about what goes on in their head, about making deals with demons and the devil, about the pain they suffer, and they are not just whining. They really are suffering. Listen to the words and take the artist literally.
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