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Stopped thinking. This is an old shaman way of going into an alter conscience state call bringing on the silence. It is a quit talking to yourself approach. This was done to attach your mind to the collective mind among other things.

If you are being targeted you will become very aware of it. On the other hand if you are getting messages you will receive them. The bastards among us take advantage of this when we watch TV. Within minutes through flashes and audio they can get you to enter this state and it can last hours afterwords. Its left up to you to figure out where the message comes from.

Yes I have had contact from an unidentified once. It was in sight and I said mentally, hey come back. There was a happy chuckle and the reply, Oh we will come back. After complete thought on the subject I believe the unidentified was an Earth constructed object and there was a definite short conversation that was real. For me it was a small glimpse of the technology they have. At least that is the way I understand it at this time.
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