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No, you are not insane. This really does sound like directed energy weapons and AI. In other words electronic harassment and you could be a targeted individual.

There are many similarities to what you say to my own story and others who are targeted. For example at the beginning of my targeting they would create a pinprick sensation on my right hand for yes, and a pinprick sensation on my left hand for no. Other TIs have experienced this type of system too. I believe it is designed to conceal the apex abilities of the perpetrators while having some sort of conversation link.

I recommend reading up on electronic harassment. I think you are a TI aka targeted individual. I have many links that could potentially help, here are a few:

Remote Neural Monitoring (Thought Surveillance):

Electromagnetic Mind Control:

Black Project Artificial Intelligence:

Electronic Harassment:

It is an AI interacting with you almost guaranteed IMHO.
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