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Reply to an old thread, but I was listening to a talk on YT with researcher John Hamer about the fed reserve theory of the Titanic disaster and his new book, and at one point he mentioned that he doesn't think dinosaurs even existed, stating that every museum exhibit dosent display any real bones and skeletons only casts, and that the originals are supposedly locked away to safeguard their survival. He believes this is just a convenient excuse to hide the suggestion that no dinosaurs have been found and they have been faked. He also stated that no one, other than palaeontologists, have found any remains and none by the average individual by accident or by amateurs. And no dinosaurs were ever discovered or were known about until the 1800s.

The reason for the fabrication, is to propagate the theory of evolution. I don't know what evidence there is for thi iss, but it makes you wonder why dinosaurs always seem to be in mass public consciousness all the time.

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