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I have written about using a small crystal with dents in it to deliver information at RPM (revolutions per a minute) at around 200,000- which can project images with a perimeter speed close to the speed of light itself. This is what I call downloading information directly through the eyes. With these speed rates, the signal gets reinforced into the cells most quickly, where it becomes easier to access faster.
as this is a hologram anyway light is the medium we use to decode let there be light indeed .The way some newer DVD 's encode their content is to angle the disc slightly so as to imprint the same amount of info in a slightly different space /area of the disc it all exists within the disc just different layers different levels of availability we invent ourselves constantly .
have you noticed how when we try to recall something we forgot we tilt our head slightly when doing so !!! Comet Holmes increased in brightness a million times overnight recently so a lot more light to work with now !
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