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Talking Where are the three 6's?

Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
Why are three 6's encoded in the time portal..?

If it was a corporate logo everyone would think it was dodgy...

Is it?
I don't see three 6's encoded anywhere in a blank and empty calendar. Here, I'll post one now and maybe you can point them out for me?

By JozenBo at 2008-01-22

Take a good look at the picture above! Really...where are the three 6's you are talking about? I don't see them, so please, if you do, then point them out for everyone, could ya?

No, it is not a corporate Logo, but it would make a nice Logo, wouldn't it? I developed it on a VectorWorks AutoCADD program all by myself in my spare time.

Also...I wanted to ask you, edelweiss pirate, does the number 666 scare you? If so, then why? Personally, I have no fear. And the number has value...just like any other number. Add 334 to 666 and you get 1,000. Or perhaps you think it is the number of the beast? No...its the number of Carbon-based lifeforms. Carbon = 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons.
(lol...Beware of Humans!

Yes, numbers have values beyond being mere numeric quantities. But there is no such thing as an evil number. This is utterly delusional to think. What's next, one becomes afraid of their own shadow? ..."my shadow is conspiring against", silly really.

Also, can you tell me the TRUE VALUE of the NUMBERS 0, 1, and Infinity?
How about the hidden meaning of the number 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, etc? I can, but then we might be getting ahead ourselves.

Your question has unfolded a valuable message, don't play around with this Time Map too much if you are ruled by fear. Yes, its OK to have some fear...natural...but when you are utterly afraid of everything around you...well, then you are probobly going to be too afraid to enter the Mind Portal...its a built it safety feature to prevent chickens from contaminating the Universe by projecting fear into the Singular Point of All there Is! Fear=Ignorance!

Best Regards,

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