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Smile Free PDFs and Free Manual


I am going to get to answering the more recent posts very soon....I have been very busy preparing information so that it is easier to download, working, fixing up my place, branching, and many other things. I needed to rest my head yesterday night as my mind was exhausted from performing so many things so quickly. I recover quick and will be following up here very soon.

This link provides 6 PDF files of the Mind Portal that can be downloaded for free. 3 of them are A0 Europe Standard (for printing), 3 of them are USA 36"x36" standard. Each format has 3 file types; one is the basic spiral, one is the mirrored image (energy in reverse), and one has little Gregorian dates in each unit- if one prefers to coordinate this with Gregorian time.

The Introduction Manual is also available for free download. It comes in two 20 page parts. It was written with the intention of being easy to follow, but I have gotten feedback that it can be a little unclear. If there are any areas within it that need clarification, simply post the paragraph in Italics and aim your question, I will try my best to clarify.

The Link:
or just go to my space for the same link:

I look forward to responding to the Interesting responces I see above. Thanks for participating! I have got to get ready for work soon, should have some time this evening.

NOTE:I checked up on this link a couple of times to see if it is working. It worked fine the first few time, but now the server seems to be down (I've seen this appear before as a temporary problem). Keep checking to see server is running if you want to download a copy. If the problem persist I will go on 20 different hosting places and host at all of them! Then...if there is a failure to each one...well, that simply won't be the case! I'll be keeping track.

Best Regards,

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