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Default Role of foreign fighters in the Bosnian War

The Bosnian War, which was fought between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia, attracted large numbers of foreign fighters and mercenaries from various countries. Volunteers came to fight for a variety of reasons including religious or ethnic loyalties and in some cases for money. As a general rule, Bosniaks received support from Islamic countries, Serbs from Eastern Orthodox countries, and Croats from Catholic countries. The presence of foreign fighters is well documented, however none of these groups comprised more than 5 percent of any of the respective armies' total manpower strength.

Croation Mercenaries >>> video posted
From the movie "Yugoslavia: The Avoidable War"

For the Bosniaks

Arab volunteers came across Croatia into Bosnia to help the Bosnian Army fight in the war. The number of the El-Mudžahid volunteers is still disputed, from around 300 to 1,500

For the Croats

The Croats received support from Croatia and the Croatian Army fought with the local HVO forces. Some radical external fighters including BRITISH volunteers as well as other numerous individuals from the cultural area of Western Christianity, both Catholics and Protestants fought as volunteers. Dutch, American, Irish, Polish, Australian, New Zealand, French, Swedish, German, Norwegian and Canadian volunteers were organized into the Croatian 103rd (International) Infantry Brigade. There was also a special Italian unit, the Garibaldi battalion.

Volunteers from Germany and Austria were also present, fighting for the Croatian Defence Forces (HOS) paramilitary group. This armed group was organized by the Croatian Party of Rights (HSP), a right-wing party, and was disbanded by the legal Croatian authorities in late 1992. HSP's leader, Dobroslav Paraga was later charged with treason by the Croatian authorities.

Swedish Jackie Arklöv fought in Bosnia and was later charged with war crimes upon his return to Sweden. Later he confessed he committed war crimes on Bosniak civilians in the Croatian camps Heliodrom and Dretelj as a member of Croat forces.

The memorial with names of Russian volunteers who were fighting for Bosnian Serbs during the Bosnian War and were killed in action. The text in the bottom states: "Fell for the Serbs"

For the Serbs

The Serbs received support from radical Orthodox Christian fighters from countries including the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) and Russia.

Primary Russian forces consisted of two organized units known as "РДО-1" and "РДО-2" (РДО stands for "Русский Добровольческий Отряд", which means "Russian Volunteer Unit"), commanded by Yuriy Belyayev and Alexander Zagrebov, respectively. РДО-2 was also known as "Tsarist Wolves", because of the monarchic views of its fighters. There also was unit of Russian cossacks, known as "Первая Казачья Сотня" (First Cossack Sotnia). All these units were operating mainly in Eastern Bosnia along with Rebuplika Srpska forces from 1992 up to 1995.

447 Foreign Volunteers from 35 different countries.

Killed in action ( K.I.A. ) = 63
Wounded in action ( W.I.A.) = 74

England (139) = 15 killed , 20 wounded
Germany (53) = 14 killed , 8 wounded
France (67) = 8 killed , 20 wounded
USA (18) = 3 Killed , 1 wounded
Hungaria (33) = 2 killed , 5 wounded
Austria (10) = 2 killed , 1 wounded
Nederland (27) = 2 killed , 2 wounded
Italy (7) = 2 killed , 1 wounded
Canada (7) = 2 killed
Switzerland (4) = 2 killed
Belgium (4) = 1 killed , 1 wounded
Australia (15) = 1 killed , 2 wounded
Portugal (2) = 1 Killed
Ukraine (1) = 1 killed
Slovakia (4) = 1 killed , 1 wounded
Irish (10) = 1 killed , 2 wounded
Scotland (5) = 1 killed , 2 wounded
Bulgaria (2) = 1 killed
Rhodesia (1) = 1 Killed
Dannmark (4) = 1 Killed
Gambia (1) = 1 Killed
Finland (3) = 2 wounded
Chile (1) = 1 wounded
Spane (4) = 2 wounded
Poland (8) = 1 wounded
Sweden (3) = 1 wounded
Wales (4) = 1 wounded

Mercenaries Made At Least $85 BILLION From Iraq War

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