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Default Mercenaries in Iraq. The money is good.

An army of thousands of mercenaries is guarding Western interests and government buildings in Iraq. They come from all over the world to perform the most dangerous security duties in this war-torn country. Four years after the US-led invasion of Iraq, an investigation by the United Nations has shed new light on the role of these mercenaries and the way that they are recruited. Its first report looks at the role of Latin Americans in Iraq.

Lured by the promise of large sums of money, mercenaries are signing contracts with sometimes dubious companies to replace US soldiers on the firing line. Their task: guarding embassies; airfields; oil installations and the Green Zone, the administrative and military heart of Baghdad.

Blackwater, America's Private Army
Inside America's private army with extended bonus scenes from Robert Greenwald's documentary "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers"

But is the widespread use of mercenaries specific to the war in Iraq? "No", says Mr Gómez del Prado, "we come across it throughout history but it has exploded in Iraq."
"The traditional mercenaries, adventurers who fought abroad, most of all in Africa, have disappeared. The military and security companies cooperate with the US armed forces. Since the first Gulf war in 1990, we saw many private contractors, collaborating with the armies of the allied forces. The same happened in the Balkan war. But the phenomenon exploded with the war in Iraq."

The UN Study Group has been mandated to investigate mercenary recruiting practices in other parts of the world. However, there is not much enthusiasm for the investigation. Meanwhile, the UN is continuing to urge member countries to co-operate with the investigation in the hope that it will lead to new international laws that will curtail the practice of hiring mercenaries.

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