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Originally Posted by islamvslizards View Post
hi guys

i always assumed that icke used a lot of his resources from sitchin based translations of sumerian texts, but im sure the moon being a giant spaceship isnt mentioned anywhere?
Plato and Aristotle said that the sphere below the moon was the "sphere of generation," wherein malevolent and changeable astral entities had their abode, while the region above the moon was of an aetheric substance.
The sublunary sphere is a concept derived from Greek astronomy. It is the region of the cosmos from the Earth to the Moon, consisting of the four classical elements: earth, water, air, and fire. Beginning with the Moon, up to the limits of the universe, everything is made of aether. The planets and stars are located in the region of aether, where everything is permanent, regular, and unchanging. Plato and Aristotle helped to formulate the theory of a sublunary sphere in antiquity.
Sounds like a "moon matrix," no?
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