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Does anyone know for sure that Icke's new book theorizes the Moon being a Giant spacecraft? In a way it is, even if it is not a machine. Just like Earth is a giant spacecraft of sorts!?! But I would rather think of it as being more than that!

Is he really saying our Moon is a manufactured moon? I'm pretty sure this is in-correct. The moon would be considered an organic construct, a natural satellite of earth.

Maybe he is saying "It could be the Moon is one big spaceship""... as there are UFo bases there! It could be hollow or cavernous too. Reason we don't publicly send manned space ships to the MOON? Reason no space station ever was publicly constructed on the MOON.

And.. A relay station for the infamous NLP-Ray-gun radiation emmitted toward the unsuspecting sheeple on planet Earth with Doctor Deadly sitting comfortably ensconsed deep beneith the surface!

GET OFF YOU KNEES.. ... (no-one specific)

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