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666 is the number of a man in the book of Revelation. The Pope has 18 titles that are used for him and by him that have a numeric value of 666. Including the vicar of christ which means anti christ, or instead of christ. He calls himself holy father, which is also blasphemy. Six is the Bible numeric number for man under sin, thus the Pope is, the man of sin or perdition. The beast is the Catholic system or the woman that sits on seven hills, Rome. The numeric value for the devil is 13×13×13 by the way. In the last days of this world system there will by 3 powerful forces the beast (Catholic system) the false prophet (Islam) and the Dragon (Zionism) this is fortold and is present in 2018. Then Jesus returns to rule with his bride, the church. I could add alot more to this topic but I am probably not going to be allowed a chance to do it.
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