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Originally Posted by anthonyc31 View Post
I don't quite know what to make of 9/11 "researchers" that still cling to planes. I learned about "no planes" last year and didn't believe it at first. But, it became very obvious after a few hours of digging and i became convinced that no planes hit the towers after a few days of my own analysis. I already knew that no plane hit the Pentagon, so that helped in realizing that maybe no planes were involved at the WTC either.

At this point, my litmus test for ferreting out 98% of 9/11 shills is simple .... Dimitri Khalezov's testimony -- you're either a believer or not.

- All 3 WTC buildings were demolished to dust using built-in underground nuclear devices (not "mini-nukes")
- No planes hit the WTC towers, it was just explosives
- No plane hit the Pentagon, it was an undetonated nuclear warhead missile
- No hijackers, no cell phone calls
- A plane was shot down over Shanksville

In summary:
US officials were duped into destroying the WTC towers and shooting down the plane over Shanksville. After the Pentagon undetonated nuclear missile attack, "intelligence" then fed officials the story that Osama bin Laden planted 2 mini-nukes at the top of the WTC towers, and officials had to do "something" to prevent an atmospheric detonation of these mini-nukes because it would kill millions in NYC. Officials decided to use the WTC's built-in devices to destroy the tower (this is why WTC 2, which was hit last, collapsed before WTC 1). Officials decided to destroy WTC 7 to hide the evidence of the 3rd undetonated underground nuclear device, which is why WTC 7 collapsed to dust later that day even though nothing hit the building.

Why make the false argument that nothing hit either tower when clear evidence of blobs going toward both were captured on multiple videos? It makes no sense and is a clever trap to get folks believing in a lie. What appears in video footage supports that something, not a plane impacted the towers.
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