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Originally Posted by bryan View Post
Here's the logic, step by step...

1. Real-life plane crashes are too complex to fake convincingly using computer software.

2. This plane crash was faked using basic computer software and is virtually identical to the plane crash that was shown on TV.

3. Therefore, the plane crash that was shown on TV is not a real-life plane crash.

Notice how there's no assumption there were no planes. Rather, the conclusion shows that a plane was faked. Unless I'm wrong, that is. If you think so, you need to show that at least one premise is false or that the premises don't necessarily lead to the conclusion.
There's not an assumption that something was in the air for T2 but a corroborated fact provided by on the ground witnesses and 4 broadcasts showing a small object coming from directly west of the towers. The conclusion shows that a plane was faked. Unless the videos and witnesses are wrong, that is. If you still think there was nothing flying toward T2, then, in the real world you'd have to explain how video footage and eyewitnesses were wrong about something that confirms a strange floating object, not a plane, or in your fake theory, nothing external was involved in the south tower's explosion. WB11 aired the bogey from 9:03-9:26 and their fake plane image magically appeared one minute later.

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