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Originally Posted by anyhoo View Post
I am saddened that you support someone who professes to believe in the official cover story and finds no problem with it. Is it name calling to label someone for what they are? I don't ask what you are, Stannrodd, because you have just identified yourself. Nothing surprises me. Those of us who are honest and not involved in some way in this conspiracy are not all gullible fools, you know. Most of the things that are presented in this forum are either a mockery or trivial and not worthy of serious discussion. The big things, Stannrodd. Its the big things I am looking at. You won't find those things in this flytrap.
You shouldn't be saddened by this. I support gamolon in many but not all things.

The member is actively questioning aspects put forward by other members, where there is false logic and simply poor methodology. I regard this as healthy discussion. Unhealthy discussion is when we regard something as unquestionable. Some members could do themselves a whole heap of good by sometimes listening to and learning from their critics, fine tuning their work to avoid silly/foolish mistakes and improving the knowledge base.

Those who disrupt for the sake of it should be ignored (or chastised :-)

The "name calling" in my view includes the term shill. It is unnecessary.
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