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Originally Posted by zarah View Post
And I the same, no?

But you're the free speech cheer leader if I remember, not me. Problem with a flow of logic I know.

I say HE was wrong to call her names, when he could just as easily have pulled apart her reasoning. It was a lame arsed attempt at ridicule. Why should she be ridiculed just because she has an opinion which he or you or any of us don't agree with?
He has every right to call her names as much as she has to speak of her opinions. It's all free speech. (not counting board rules)

I see racist behaviour for what it is, ta muchly, and I have no need for you to stroll around my posts like the PC police. Her posts seem not to be based so much on a dislike for other races, as a love for her own. Whether she's right or wrong, she has an asbolute right to be spoken to with respect.
You're one of the few to think that. Most of the normal people here can see what she types. Aside from Molly you're one of THE most irrational people I've encountered here. You'll find any number of ways to twist and turn around something to make it something it isn't.

You'd do well to think a tad before you post your anti-white drivel

WTF? Ok, so you're just stupid aren't you. Your mind seems to work backwards. Obvious racism doesn't exist, but now I'm anti-white? lol! Also symptomatic of losing an argument.

which you quite obviously think is either a) in jest *rme* b) Justified of c) isn't anti-white at all. Especially when you have the gall of accusing me of not recognising 'racist behaviour' ...cos quite clearly fella, having just pulled you up..I do.
^ Brain damage.
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