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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Yes,i like it here,but the language is hard to master,but in time i am sure it will get easier
I am not fond of sarky,i must admit i did prefer Chirac,even though he was on the take but at least you knew were you stood with him,basically he spoke is mindbut i do prefer it over here,than when i lived in the uk.
same here

i'm getting better speaking, i usually don't have to think in english first anymore, only thing is i can't master verbs haha so have to avoid saying so much cause i don't know the bloody hell what to say!

it takes time, at least i can understand lol and fob my way round it!

good luck

we can practice if you're about lol

as for chirac..i think he swindled a load of money no? you're right though sarkozy is somehting else altogether...
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