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Originally Posted by steevo View Post
Thanks for that insight into the French side of it Celtic

I agree with your interpretation of the "luminary" thing, their ego probably gets the better of them sometimes and they can't help wanting to show off, and it makes them say things that later on they wish they hadnt said.

Hope your neck injury is not too serious, and that it gets better soon. Hiow did you do it ? Or shouldnt I ask ?
hey steevo, aww thanks i hurt the neck 3 years ago and well now it's still in the process of being fixed, unfortunately it's been so hot i was standing in front of the fan too much and it caused it to inflame and dislocate 2 vertebrae at the same time how i don't know, lol but i feel a bit better now, was agony!

i think that's what the "of the light" thing means too, you can see it te stuck up way in which he said it, like oh i can say this cause they won't know what i mean anyway.

But i'll ask otherhalf what he thinks right now as he's here and i'll post back

hope you have a good night
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