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Originally Posted by steevo View Post
Excellent thread Celtic Isis Thanks for doing the work, it's much appreciated.

The above is part of your transcript Celtic. That bit where you use the word "luminary", what does that word actually mean in the context of the interview ? (Cos it's a bit like "illuminati"). Is that what he meant ?

Also, was he fired AFTER that interview ? And what were the reasons given for firing him ?
hey steevo, glad you enjoyed it.

Sorry for not coming back guys but i've been in neck vertebrae inflamed agony since, talk about timing!

i have to get OH to listen to it again and check any mistakes...

the luminary bit, hang on i'll have to listen but yeah this was the bit that was hard to translate, Devedjan was talking in relation to the type of people invited to bilderberg and he was saying "pardon pour la pretantion" sorry for the pretentious like nature of what he was saying, and he said a word before that i couldn't make out, but anyway he said that they be of a certain like light, luminous as in highly intelligent but he means it even more than that, he means "luminary", which is why i put it, cause i understand how french talk, and he meant it as luminary elite class of people, as if they'll bring a better discussion on the subject and have higher luminary moments...hard to explain really..
i listened to that part like a hundred times cause i didn't want to translate it as luminary or lumiere, cause it does make you think illuminati...illuminated...and well it's huge what he said if he meant it like that, but that's what he said, and if he said luminary/lumiere that's what he meant. He could've just said intelligent people, think tanks, world thinkers...

I have to do more research on Karl Zero to find out the exact time he was fired and why, but talking to otherhalf he was saying karl zero is so so...he can be half good on this type of thing and half on "their" side at the same i have to do more research. Either way though he pissed Devedjian off and i'm sure that's why he was gotten rid off in the end, he went too far.

ok so i just listened back...

So he says that they (the bilderbergers) are asked to have "a certain amount of light about them" now that's literal translation.

"Quelques lumieres"...i know you will think this is my own interpretation but i do khave a feel for how they speak and he means it, when he says light, he means it in another way, than say, simply to be intelligent and have ideas, why didn't he just say that then. Why even mention the word 'light'?

around about 2:00 into the clip:

Ce sont les conferences, organisé avec les gens qui sont "sensé" (now i don't know how this word is spelt so i'll have to find out later, but it's a big word cause he says sorry for the "pretention" right after, ah ok it means sensible possible, just looked in dictionary and sensé means sensible)...pardon pour la pretention, sur un de subject treaté, pas sur toutes des subjects treatés avoir quelques lumieres, quelques experiences, voilà...

so basically he's saying they are conferences organised with people who are "sensible", sorry for any pretentiousness associated with that word/statement, (with subjects treated but not on all subjects?) who are asked or expected to have certain/some light and experience.

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