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Exclamation Sacked French tv presenter interviews Bilderberger

Presenter Karl Zero, recently sacked from the channel he had his show on, interviewing French politician, Bilderberger and advisor to French President Nicholas Sarkozy, Patrick Devedjian. Apparently Devedjian is participating in a talk with Zero about the freedom of expression and Zero takes advantage or « profits » as they say to ask him about Bilderberg and their right to freedom of complete silency.

Devedjian explique « son » Bilderberg - Devedjian explains « his » Bilderberg.

(This is the first transcription, i will have to wait until otherhalf comes back later to help me out as French speak very very fast and they speak over eachother at times and so i missed a few bits, but will review it later. My added explainations in Indigo.)

Clip begins with Devedjian asked about his thoughts on freedom of expression:

D: Firstly, is it that people have the right to protect their honour and their dignity, conforming to the law 1881, a law more than one hundred years old, on internet and further (beyond) yes of course, we don’t have the right to tell lies about people. Naturally, it’s the law.

Z: Just, I ask the question again, I said (to myself) so we are going to do a number on (a topic on) the freedom of expression and right here (we have) there is a site, « myspace « which is a site that is important, where there is a large grouping of people and where there is a song that is anti-Sarko.

D: (Butts in) No but you can’t « diffamer » people, you can’t slander people (people such as Sarkozy.)

Z: Alors (meaning oh, it’s not that serious, you’re overreacting.)

D: No you have the right to make a song anti- Sarko but you don’t have the right to mock « people » to injure their honour.

Z: Ah but it’s just a song. (this anti-sarkozy song and site was being supressed at the time hence the subject

D: Even with a song you don’t have the right to injure people’s reputations.

Z: Ok let me rephrase the question.

D: I could injure your persona singing and would you be happy? It’s by the law, eh.

Z: Now that would do bad to me, that would do bad to me! (jokingly)

D: In my opinion those people sing falsely anyway…(trying to distract Zero here).

Z: Question « conspirationist » conspiracy question.

D: Ah! « Conspirationist! » Well that’s part of..

Z: Le Trilateral…(Trilateral Commission)

D: Yes the Trilateral…

Z: Le Bilderberg…

D: Yes le Bilderberg…(laughing) I don’t know if 10 percent of people know about it but I will tell you what it is.

Z: Ah well on internet everyone knows what it is.

D: Yes, well that is part of the fantasies of the extreme left…

Z: And even « Skull and Bones » do you know what that is?

D: Eh what? That I don’t know about.

Z: Skull and Bones, you don’t know?

D: No but, I’d be happy to learn about it after...

Z: Go ahead (in explaining the reason for Bilderberg).

D: They (Bilderberg) are conferences, international, in which we talk, about the big problems in the world, volià, there you go. It’s true that I participated…

Z: Between people of what « kind of company » ?

D: Between people, who eventually (in the end) have something to say on the subjects treated. So I went, to Canada, at the last conference of the Trilateral, which was « toute à fait juste » (which was all normal, simple)

What did we talk about, we talked about the War in Iraq, with the people, who come from all over the world….(200 « people » made up of the world elite, Royals, monarchy, politicians, world bankers the lot) about what are the solutions…What other subjects, we talked about the problems of the « proche orient » the close Asian Eastern countries… We talked about the conflicts « dans les banlieues » (which means the conflicts in rough housing suburbs in France, as if this local subject applies to the Bilderberg meeting!).

We talked about a certain number of problems « monnaietaire » currency/financial problems…we talked about the entry of Turkey into the European Union…There you go, they are conferences, the debates, that are organised with people who are selected, pardon for the pretention, on some of the subjects treated, not on all, but that they are people who are, that they are of a certain « luminary background » and experience…so it’s this the the big « complot » international plot, who come together in those places, those conferences.

Z: And that is democratic for you you think, to do that?

D: Why?

Z: For these people to manage or control or who are in positions of great control in different domaines such as politics, finance, banking to come together like that and lead and direct…

D: They don’t lead or direct nothing at all, they don’t direct anything at all.

Z: Don’t listen to the feelings of the people like us, the lower people, ordinary people, the « pleb » people…we’re not included.

D: No now wait! You are in the middle of making a big debate on the freedom of expression and you are looking to prevent « these people » from coming together in privacy to talk about the problems of the world? We are in a crazy house here aren‘t we!

« « « bastard, turning his own subject around against Zero himself and in Devedjian‘s favour! » » »

Z: It (freedom of expression) depends, it depends on what people, and why they unite/ come together.

D: They come together to talk. To listen to the contradictory views, contradictory, on the problems of the world.

Z: Bizarrely « as it is about world problems affecting us » though it’s not filmed, it’s not talked about in the media…

D: No, It’s because…

Z: Why is it so secret?

D: No, it’s not secret, they want for there to be a true freedom of expression, and that people therefore, even if they hold positions of responsibility very important, that they want to be able to say/discuss freely what they think…

Z: But between them.

D: No, able to freely say what they think without giving a rise for exploitation, a « characature » of the person, « public perception of the leader if he or she were to say certain things » that stops them from speaking freely (truthfully more like).

In Bilderberg they tell the truth, they lie the rest of the time.

Z: And that serves for what, behind this « work » it gives what « to be able to speak in total privacy »?

D: Nothing.

Z: You talk and it serves for what, are there decisions that are taken?

D: No, none. None «acune » .

Z: We mustn’t see the trace of the hand « acune » , it‘s there to be seen.

D: It’s for everyone to form their opinion, voilà, that’s it. That’s absolutely it.

Z: It’s a club of friends simply.

D: They are the people, who talk and who exchange their experience, that’s all, I mean you can’t make that forbidden can you, in your ideal society?

Z: My society of « spectacle » (show) is that what you want to say?

D: Ah it’s that, your ideal society?

Z: Yes.

D: It’s only the « spectacle », it’s only the show for you?

Z: It’s that which gives you drive for it, ideal society is what you want to make it to be.

D: Well, fortunately there are other things as well, not just the « spectacle », but it’s important the « spectacle » …

Z: Don’t crush the spectacle. You want it. You want it. (meaning that Bilderberg is the spectacle and that it works well for them as the people don‘t know about it).

D: Oh no I don’t knock it, I like the spectacle, I go to the shows, I love the opera so…for the show there isn’t better. (dumbing the question down).

Z: You’re the one who makes the show also. And that’s it.

D: Well, modestly. But I think…

Z: …With certainty (you make the show).

D: But I think there is time for the spectacle, and there’s time for reflecting…There’s time for everything…

Z: With your friends in Bilderberg. And the Trilateral as well, is that the same?

D: Well it’s exactly the same thing.

Z: Ah it’s the same! Well tell me you’re part of many clubs then?

D: Well (stuttering!!!!!!) it’s not that I participated, that I’m not a member of enough clubs, I was invited and I went with pleasure and I learned a lot.

« End of clip »

Wow! Love that coded « spectacle » talk at the end!

I think we know the reason Karl Zero got fired.

Aren’t you guys lucky to have a little Irish spy in France to translate for you took me hours!

The clip is also here:
Where there is also a clip of aaron russo’s interview with alew jones with French subtitles J - handy!

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