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Originally Posted by freedomiswithinyou View Post
Hi my name is Steve,
I'm from the Uk and I am new to this forum. When I began to read David Icke's books I came across a big shock. I have begun to consider that I may be an offshoot of an Illuminati bloodline. Obviously I'm not a shapeshifter but I believe to be sometimes possesed from Reptilians from the lower fourth dimension. But I dont make consideration without evidence.

In David Icke's books he mentions a researcher of the Illuminati, Frans Kamp who was married to a Reptilian hybrid for almost 11 years. Frans Kamp said to David Icke: "My wife had a skin reflection or should I say hide problem? The skin is extremely important for photo models. The first thing photographers look at is the skin. Now this skin problem had the property that her skin got red spots and after a while changed into horny like slices". Now I have a similar 'skin problem'. I went to the doctors to get medication to treat it. They gave me medication for what they 'thought' it was. Took it, followed what the doctor said. Suprisingly (not) it didn't work.

This 'skin problem' runs through my dad's side of the family. I had a great uncle nicknamed 'Crocodile Skin'. Another problem that runs in the family is multi-personality disorder. I suffer from it and I have severe Claustraphobia and I can turn violent. There was an experience I had in summer 2005 in which I saw an entity but I couldnt see it's face as it was so dark. I always think like I'm two people. I dont have any idea which bloodline I'm an offshoot of but I guess it is the Rothschild banking family of England. When you put all of this together it should be considered that I am a Reptilian hybrid.

If anybody has any questions to ask or thinks they may be a Reptilian hybrid as well feel free.
Thank you for sharing. It's interesting. I would suggest that you search for a good shaman that can rid you of possession. Then maybe there are visualisations you can do to close down the codes you don't want and open the ones you want to encourage I'm sure there are ways to handle this. I don't even come close to having strong reptilian genetics yet my body and the programs running in it can be quite a burden sometimes. Good luck.
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