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Default Your horoscope for June 15 to 21, 2017

Your horoscope for June 15 to 21, 2017

by Rose Marcus on June 15th 2017


Now to the end of next week, there’s still farther to go and more to process, put in place, hunt down, and/or wrap up. Thursday’s sun/Saturn, Sunday’s Mercury/Saturn, and next Friday’s Ceres/Saturn take aim on major pressure points. You may feel it as a race against the clock, a physical or material constraint, or a wrangling of conscience. Take it one day at a time, one step at a time. If you can duplicate, double up, or do two at once, great, but don’t skip, skim, or gloss over it. One thing sets up the next. Each step, item, or word is of importance. When it comes to sorting out dilemma or heart, choose what is of long-term and ultimate benefit.

On Friday, Neptune begins its annual four-month retrograde cycle. This transit exposes, clears it away, and/or opens it up. It serves to dissolve an illusion, a barrier, a misguided assumption, or a rationale. A subtle yet potent influence, Neptune retrograde enhances sensitivity and response mechanisms. It is a soul-searching, creative, and tuning-fork influence that allows access to the richer resources, potentials, and hidden wealth that exist within.

Father’s Day dishes up a mixed day of transits. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Despite the pressure produced by other planets, Neptune retrograde is perfect for going with the flow.

Tuesday marks the summer solstice (sun’s entrance into Cancer, 9:24 p.m. PDT). It’s the best of the week; make the most of it. Wednesday, Mercury enters Cancer and teams up with the sun. Use this day to feel your way along or to talk your way through it.

March 20 - April 20

Thursday’s sun/Saturn brings a completion, with a sense of either accomplishment or finality. Neptune retrograde urges you to let go of the stuff that isn’t important, to simplify where you can, and to relax on expectations for now. Whether an undercurrent or something more obvious, Mercury/Saturn can add an element of strain on Father’s Day. Monday onward, the getting is good.

April 20 - May 21

You are now at the end of the road or at a stage of accomplishment and fruition, this regarding a matter of heart or wallet or a project. Thursday’s sun/Saturn can see you sign or end a contract, actual or karmic. Plunging you into deeper soul-searching, Neptune retrograde, starting Friday, removes a veil, doubt, or uncertainty. Tuesday/Wednesday, you’ll come by it easily and readily.

May 21 - June 21

Sun/Saturn now moves an important relationship, contract, plan, or process to a next stage. You can feel this as a sense of accomplishment, a timely undertaking, or an undeniable reality. Neptune retrograde, starting Friday, can remove an obstacle or doubt. Father’s Day is opportune for saying what needs to be said or for making it official. Monday to Wednesday is especially productive.

June 21 - July 22

The week ahead is optimized for finishing off and moving onto the next. Past Sunday, the pressure lifts. Health, job, or work-it-out prospects can hit an upswing as early as Monday. As Neptune works its way through retrograde, you should find you are able to read it or them better. Your ability to attract, profit, and gain favour is in good shape Tuesday/Wednesday.

July 22 - August 23

Something you have been waiting for or working toward can come to fruition now. Thursday’s sun/Saturn can dish up reward or recognition. Something of significance reaches a successful-conclusion stage. The now is a steppingstone to something more. Father’s Day weighs on your mind, heart, or wallet. Monday through Wednesday, great gains/strides can be made.

August 23 - September 23

The pressure is on through Father’s Day. Although you may have more than one concern or challenge to face, take it one step at a time and try not to race too far ahead of yourself. Neptune retrograde, starting Friday, can expose raw emotions or make you feel especially drained. Relax; unwind; let it go. Monday through Wednesday, make the most of it.

September 23 - October 23

The end of school, the start of summer, a short trip or a long one, a hello or goodbye, a special visit, a move across the country or to a new neighbourhood: endings and beginnings are intertwined and well timed. Father’s Day can dredge it up and/or put it out there. Stop; think; reflect. Monday through Wednesday, time, money, and heart are well spent.

October 23 - November 22

A next chapter is under way, and it is one that holds long-term benefit. No matter whether you’ve signed up for it or circumstances have set it up, allow yourself to feel good/confident. An official sendoff or sign-off is in the works through the weekend. Communication tracks are optimized Tuesday/Wednesday.

November 22 - December 21

Give the here and now your best shot. It all adds up, perhaps to more than you envision. Sun/Saturn and Mercury mark an important time of resuming, reviving, and cementing. At the same time, the future is set into motion in some definitive way. The summer solstice (Tuesday) and Mercury’s trek into Cancer on Wednesday find you taking it in and feeling it all.

December 21 - January 20

The push is on through the end of next week. You’ll navigate your way through a few checkpoints, namely Thursday, Sunday/Monday, and next Friday/Saturday. There’s little choice, but there’s plenty of reward waiting on the road ahead. Father’s Day, don’t resist; duty calls, and pleasure does too. Mercury/Saturn can put something out in the open. Tuesday/Wednesday are optimized.

January 20 - February 18

Reality sets itself into motion. The transiting sun now loans you a second pair of eyes and tugs harder on the heart. Neptune retrograde, starting Friday, an exposing influence, puts you better in touch with your own best interests. A step-by-step process continues through next week. Monday through Wednesday, talk it out/work it out.

February 18 - March 20

Metaphorically speaking, Thursday/Friday, the Pisces moon, and the start of Neptune retrograde aim to get you back in line with yourself. Call it the total-immersion program. Expect to stay completely consumed with a particular something or two. Tuesday/Wednesday are your best for feeling your way along and for a heart-to-heart with another or yourself.

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