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Originally Posted by The Tealady View Post
This is a topic that gives me nightmares.

I have a happy story but no pictures. One of my husbands cats got sick with cancer and one morning we saw she dug a little hole and went in it but didn't have the strength to cover it over so our Golden Retriever who had leukemia at the time went over and covered it over for her and gave her a friendly lick. When the other cat tried to beat her up our Goldie would intervene and hunt him off and would stand over her protectively like a mother horse does to protect her foal.

And some people still call them dumb animals.
I remember it was actually on this site a few years a go that someone put up vids from youtube showing a raccoon dog in china being skinned alive and left to die. and then someone placed a vid showing a turtle being sold in a Chinese food shop with it's shell cut open and it's insides exposed, while left alive and breathing. that was really my first ever encounter with genuine animal cruelty. I could not believe my eyes. I remember trying since my teens to be at least vegetarian, but could not manage yet. I'm terribly suspicious of programming from malicious sources on the general populace is keeping the killing of animals in the loop.

but my real point I want to make is I remember reading in icke's material where he mentions that the elites carry out horrible human sacrifices on key ley line points on the planet, meaning terrible negative energy is released into the consciousness of many beings on this planet. I've seen some very bad animal abuse vids released on the internet by concerned people exposing the unthinkable acts of cruelty being carried out on animals. not to mention in places like china, Vietnam, south korea and thailand where cats and dogs, both stray and stolen pets, being skinned alive and cut up while fully conscious. same thing happens in the absolutely pointless baby seal hunts in canada and namibia. then there is the current live butchering of animals in Africa for their body parts to be sold off in oriental countries. wtf!?so much bad energy being released with these literal murders of animals cannot surely being overlooked anymore.

yes I am aware of organisations like peta and humane society, but I'm more concerned about the consciousness of how we are all effected by negative/brutal behavior of some truly undeserving "human beings" when they brutalize animals in these horrible ways.

on the more positive side, vids have surfaced of many animals showing behavior very much like they have a real soul and intelligence.

hopefully soon we can all find a way in sidestepping the energy manipulation seemingly caused by the arrival of the moon matrix, as mentioned before by icke, that caused physical beings on this planet to start eating each other.

yet, it looks like even the dumbest looking animals are desperate in trying to escape the matrix:

Clever Animal's Escape Artist Compilation (2013)

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