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Question Bouncy castle.

Originally Posted by sparkplug View Post
They will stop Brexit. Delay after delay.
If, by 'delay', you mean the PTB are waiting for a cold day in hell to deliver Brexit, then absolutely.

Originally Posted by illuminumnuts View Post
If all else fails, then the PTB will attempt martial law under some weak pretext. If that doesn't work for them, then it will be a big, false flag terror attack or maybe even a little nudge by our good friend HAARP. Anything is possible, as I don't think folks will fall for the Brexit Con and we definitely won't be leaving the E.U. peacefully. Let us all try to stay positive though.
As I said last August. Will they possibly HAARP us severely? Maybe a 6.5 or a 7? Are these warning shots?

'Police get ‘plane crash’ call after magnitude 3 earthquake in Surrey. It is the fourth tremor to hit the area in the last two weeks.

A 3.0 magnitude earthquake in Surrey caused somebody to think a plane had crashed, police have said. The tremor was felt in Newdigate, Surrey, less than 10 miles from Gatwick Airport, at 3.42am, according to the British Geological Survey (BGS). The effects were also felt in parts of Sussex.
Surrey Police received a number of calls from concerned residents, including one person reporting that a plane had crashed, and another thinking their house had been broken into.'
I still love the masons! Be proactive; believe in change and everyone; trust no one.
I'm a glorifed sheepon so don't mess. Thus spoke numnuts. Exposing 'morons' & shills since 2006.
With a critical mass of conscious, good-hearted people I care not who makes laws or prints money.
Are you selling out your own sons, daughters, nephews and nieces? Good job! Bellboy!

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