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That’s a way to survive and carry on in the wheel of life if you so choose to play the game and should be done if you enjoy it and don’t wake up to the fact you’re getting nowhere.
But if you don’t expect to get anywhere and simply enjoy it, you won’t be disappointed.
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue.

On the other hand you can become aware of this and feel fooled as though you expected to get somewhere you didn’t end up.
Like I said, different people wake up at different times.
Usually it can be in a pit of despair and suffering when you start to then wonder
  • Why it is you do what you do?
  • Why continue doing it?
  • Why is everyone else doing it?

What’s the point if the happiness you seek, is only found as a byproduct of an overwhelming suffering of life that is out of balance with the happiness we get from this form of existence?

This is often the case because of social hierarchies and the imposition on you and your life that you must do something.
You can’t not do anything as it’s of the upmost importance you achieve by your doing.
It doesn’t matter if your achievements in the long term causes you and your environment damage, so long as you did something.
That way you’re entitled to live.
If you don’t you’re an outcast.

Still many people don’t think or feel you should have a right to eat if you don’t participate in their game.
Such is of the upmost delusion and needs counteracting massively so.
As the interests of our governors, is the business of business.
It’s not of its people.
It’s our governments we have handed over our Skill, our Discipline to then have a way of life dictated by Big Brother.
They don’t think we’re wise enough to discipline ourselves and develop our own skill outside of their infrastructure, their imposed boundaries.

Free Your Mind No Society Wants You To Become Wise by Osho

This is purely because they don’t want you to become wise.
Wise people are harder to control.
They don’t give their authority away to an external body.
They have their own skill and discipline.
Their mind and heart isn’t up for auction.

You’ll feel a little cheated and wonder what is it all about then?
What’s the point?
The further I travel this path I’m just going to come back around again to where I started...

UK'S MOST HONEST MAN Homeless man finds £10,000 of gold and jewellery in street and hands it in saying ‘I don’t worship money
Anthony Porter witnessed two men ride up to Cash Generator, Grimsby, and smash in the window with an axe before finding the discarded loot
Must be mad mustn’t he?
It isn’t you?

A philosopher, or those seeking a more spiritual path whom wishes to seek these things out would in todays age, often have to make themselves homeless with the most minimal amount to get by and see if he is happy doing it and seek out what is being lost when he chooses to get everything and finds himself no better off.

If you’re not happy doing it, you’re as equally delusional as those whom don’t believe you have the right to eat.
As those whom are chasing success or money.
Yet due to social hierarchies, we look at these things very differently.
We have lost a balance between the Systematic and the Spiritual.

God Vs Science - Being Vs Non Being - Transgender Vs Non Transgender

Yet so many people are convinced that you must do something?
You must Develop, Buy, Consume and Die...
Then repeat.
Most importantly don’t you dare ask questions about this.
That’s just how things are...

Because we don’t ask questions...

You’ve never asked yourself in the same way as scientist may wonder, why is it that this happens and is the way it is?

Only you don’t then impose a scale of values to explain and justify a situation.
You experience it and identify what you feel about it, the experience and that alone doesn’t need evaluation.
If you do evaluate, you’re attempting to systematise the spiritual.
Such is always done but it’s important to remember this is the case.
It’s equally often forgotten and becomes overlooked.

All you then have is another system with the spiritual nature thrown out of the equation.
Yet these two things are mixed up and confused.
It’s why spirituality can never truly be a religion because a religion is an attempt to systematise the otherwise spiritual experience.
It’s already lost what it was looking for.
Possibly because it’s still caught in the trap of looking elsewhere for it and sends you back into yet another rat race, another maze...

The trap with the chase for success, happiness, desires...

We are hypnotised and deceived by the shrink wrap, packaged life that has to be bought and paid for.
Otherwise life doesn’t exit or doesn’t have the right to...

That’s the upmost delusional and only leads towards a constant same state of delusional affairs by a system that wishes to enslave you from cradle to grave.
There’s no question about it.
We are all slaves to something...

If we weren’t then these things wouldn’t be the case.
We all let the illusion of something be the dominate paths of our life and so will never wake up from the illusion.
That’s the trap.
We often don’t see or deliberately choose to overlook the illusion.
Otherwise we wouldn’t play the game sincerely.
Or at least feel we may not do so, not unless we’ve “solved the problem”.

What you do about it is up to you.
Maybe doing is the problem...

Maybe we should all just take time out, stop and observe the aspects of life we take for granted, assume and overlook.
Not enough people do that.
Probably because no one gets “Paid Enough” for it.
So they don’t believe it’s worth their life doing it.
It’s certainly a delusion to think so...
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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