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The battling of metaphors on a canvas, is the symbolism through semantics and associated with images has and can trigger different states of consciousness. Even with words can be hidden emotional zones in the unconscious which has specific consciousness states attributed too those dimensions.

Meaning we ultimately are battling split personalities within, and as we all are we happen too interweave with peoples personal problems. With the overlapping creates unconscious interpersonal problems which a person without the scientific understanding would be oblivious, and pacified too. I say pacified, because characteristics or different personality expressions are not seen.

So they then seek to resurface as an unconscious insinuation until that emotion becomes so unconsciously fed that the zone becomes like a hot lava bubble that eventually pops. If people can take responsibility of those split personalities then they wouldn't lose parts of themselves, and stare blankly having a feeling of inevitability or pre-determinedness that seems ritualistic in nature or secondrate habitual nature associated with the emotional/conscious state.

Just like images consciously communicating too our DNA. These emotional zones have ways of making our genetics express themselves in a specific way.
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