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Originally Posted by mandalisj View Post
... That you are jumping from conclusion-to-conclusion like a mountain goat on LSD. ... That you are interpreting nonexistent synchronicity between two separate elements with a third archetypal element that you attach emotional significance to. Don't worry, it's normal, this is just how it works. YOU KNOW YOU READ THE HOMEPAGE. The keywords are designed this way on purpose - to be almost impossible to avoid in the modern world, & especially when you subject yourself to media like television, radio, or the internet. Just try to count them in your daily life, it's almost an exercise in futility. The key is to try and catch the synchronization of the keyword and derivative archetypes with the emotional memories of your past until they no longer solicit disturbance of your present emotional equilibrium in future situations.

What you are being sold is the idea that YOU CAN'T CHEAT. Hence your aura must eventually collapse if you believe that.

Well guess what, you are not cheating by choosing to live your life how you want. Happiness isn't cheating. Just think as hard as you can for a second; what would it really take for you to be happy? Even still, YOU REALLY CAN CHEAT - YOU KNOW IT - & REALLY, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHEATING

In television, a technical event occurs whenever anything happens. The camera moves; something new is introduced into the shot; someone says something; body language; literally anything changes from a still shot. Can you count how many technical events occur within a single one minute television commercial? There could be thousands in a single television commercial. So what about your life? How many technical events happen in real time in your life? How many are similar enough to the keywords to seem synchronized? ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT THE SYNCHRONICITY IS ARTIFICIAL - THERE IS NO REAL SYNCHRONIZATION Even if he doesn't express it well, Irv is right that the same techniques of Pavlov and BF Skinner, the same reinforcement techniques used to train circus animals, are also being used on humans to keep them trapped in the now instead of in control of their future. This is why monks had to go sit in caves or up on mountains away from other human beings in order to cultivate their minds. They had to avoid secular society to deprogram themselves. You probably don't have that luxury and find yourself fighting for survival like those around you. Most of all, you must learn to control the waves of your own mind. All of the time - learn to read your own mind without forgetting yourself. That is the primary purpose of your existence. When you can do that, what normally seems difficult will be easy.
I believe there is "real" synchronicity, the way that so many so-called lightworkers will go on and on about how important things always happen at 11:11, but I think the artificial kind happens exactly the same way the "real" kind would. David Icke talks a bit about positive synch, and I think the negative kind just emulates it.

As for the keywords, I've lost count of how many times I've had to remind people on this site that I was noticing the synchronicity way before reading about it, even to the point of it happening right in front of people and those people reacting to it as "Whoa, that was weird did you catch that?" and I would just smirk... but this has been going on way before the freeyourbrain site OR David Icke's books.
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