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Originally Posted by fishonwheels View Post
describe in more details.
Action has an effect, right? Well it's the case with those instances. Until the back is turned to action or person. Like the action was simply cut from history.

I've spoken to a few people having this "problem" and experienced it myself to some degree, and the discrepancies appear to house centred, as if inside is not the same universe as outside. It doesn't happen with everything all the time, but it is happening enough for me to notice. It's interesting to note that those involved are somewhat socially isolated at the moment (practically hermits) and I've been spending time with them, which seems to lend some credibility to observation and perception ideas being floated around of late.
"Prophecy" or "prediction," - doesn't matter who's it is, it's a form of magick that will bring about a manifestation of some kind if it is a) possible and b) enough of you believe it will happen.

In understanding the "how and why" about so much of this, I can only let others figure it out for themselves for telling them will only make them run further away from understanding.
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