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PA report 23rd April 1996

BYLINE: Briony Warden, PA News

"A judge resigned after allegations that he was involved in "gay sex" activity at a sauna club, it emerged today. The resignation of Crown Court Recorder Anthony Russell, 45, followed claims in a Sunday newspaper about his visit to a men-only club. Barrister Mr Russell said in a statement issued through his chambers in central Manchester: "I have written to the Lord Chancellor tendering my resignation as a recorder." The bachelor, who lives in Manchester, confirmed that he had visited the Greenhouse club in Walsall, West Midlands, where the News of the World reported that he spent 30 minutes with two men in the club's so-called "dark room". Mr Russell's statement went on: "I do not propose to comment further about the details, save to say that I did visit the premises, having recently received some very distressing personal news, about which I am not prepared to comment, and I needed to escape for a couple of hours." Parts of the newpaper's report were true, he said, but he went on: "The account was factually inaccurate in some respects and exaggerated." He went on: "My life has been wrecked. I hope that I and my family will be left in peace. "My actions have caused no harm to anyone, except myself and my immediate family, for whose support I am grateful and to whom my heartfelt sympathy goes," he added. The part-time judge tendered his resignation to the Lord Chancellor on Sunday morning and had also written to the Attorney General, resigning his post as leading counsel to the Inland Revenue. Colleagues at Mr Russell's Peal Court Chambers, in Hardman Street, Manchester, said they were "deeply upset" about his resignation. Chief Clerk Donald Waller said: "It's a private matter. Mr Russell is still a practising barrister at these chambers and we support him 100%.""
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