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Default Further developments between DI and the police

This from DI Headlines today ....

DI..."My questions sent to Norfolk Police Chief Constable Simon Bailey in the wake of the Freedom of Information revelations about working with third parties to deny my free speech"

"Mr Bailey ... I wish you to explain your force's extraordinary behaviour in conspiring with a third party or parties to deny my freedom of speech and the right of free assembly..... "

The letter is fairly long and raises 11 separate issues.

I have to say I don't think this approach will get very far. Firstly it will not get to the attention of the public ...But secondly the officer is hardly likely to say "Yes you're right David .. we made a terrible mistake" ... it aint gonna happen , he will defend his actions and those of his officers.

This case needs to come before a judge ... even the judge rules against David, at least it will be in the open for all to see what's happening to free speech in the UK.
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